This is a guest post by Derek Teasley who you can find @DT_zine on Twitter

 Crouched low, you advance through a wheat field in with your trusty companion Boomer by your side. As you approach a silo, you notice cult members harassing innocent citizens. Something must be done. You sic your fanged friend Boomer on one while running over another with a tractor you’ve just commandeered. You then take out the remaining cultist with your sidearm ridding the locals in the area of maniacal cult members… This however is not the script from a movie about the WACO Siege or a post-apocalyptic fiction novel about a doomsday cult. This is the story that fuels Far Cry 5.

Due to be released on February 27th in 2018, Ubisoft looks to deliver another Far Cry game that stays true to what made the series successful. Great story, beautiful environments, and lots of action. Far Cry 5 is powered by the Dunia engine which is also from previous games. No word as of yet on a Dynamic Weather System that a lot of fans are calling for.

One notable difference in this game is the setting. Unlike the previous releases in this series, this one is set in Montana in the United States. While Hope County (the county the game takes place in) is modeled after real places in the state, it is a fictional place. However, the beautifully modeled environment looks as if it had been plucked right from a brochure of a rural Montana town.

This is where you come in. You are a junior detective on the Hope County, Montana police force with a currently unknown backstory. One huge new addition to this Far Cry is that players will be able to customize their character as a woman or man and also change their skin color. Whatever you choose, you will be up against a fanatical religious cult known as “The Project At Eden’s Gate” led by head lunatic Joseph Seed. The cult has their own hymns that can be heard in the areas that have yet to be liberated. Ubisoft hired award winning composer Dan Romer to write the score and enlisted The Bobby Shin Nashville Choir to make the cult’s hymns come to life.

With its open world, sandbox style, Far Cry 5 is a game you can play the way YOU want to play it and with all the locations and vehicles you should have no problem finding ways to deviate from the main story. From demos and screenshots we’ve seen crop dusters, big rigs, helicopters and more. In addition, you will have tons of help to combat the cult. There’s the 2 player co-op mode. Guns for hire, which you can use to enlist the help of NPCs to help fight alongside you such as Nick Rye and Grace Armstrong. Also, fangs for hire, where you can team with your loyal canine companion Boomer and take the fight to the cult. I am particularly excited about the last one because the 3D model for Boomer (who’s mainly Blue Heeler) is the spitting image of my Blue Heeler Storm.

Far Cry 5 will be available for the PS4, Xbox 1, as well as PC. The three editions you can pre-order are Standard (just the base game), Deluxe (which gets you the Big Game Hunter Pack and the Ace Pilot Pack), and Gold (includes the Deluxe Pack and also the Season Pass). So get your bullets, feed your pup, and get ready to wrangle with some religious extremist!