Ok so, its time for a small confession. I love Rick and Morty. Not the toxic sauce wanting fan base, or the memes, or even the cultural phenom that was Pickle Rick, but the show itself. I find its action scenes to be divine, even if its comedy is kinda boring. So, when the pocket mortys game from Adult Swim games came out, I just had to try it. Let me tell you, its fun, trust me just give it a try. As of today, my only major complaint, that there were not enough Morty’s, is fixed!

Adult Swim Games wants fans to stay Schwifty by releasing 50 new characters to its hit mobile game, Pocket Mortys. From now into 2018, players can recruit, train and battle new themed Ricks and Mortys based off characters from season three of this year’s #1 hit comedy, Rick and Morty from Adult Swim.

Pocket morty’s is a lot like Pokemon (poket monsters) you as Rick travel around adventuring, collecting a large stable of Mortys as you go. You use these Morty’s to do things, to interact with things, and most importantly to fight. Fighting other Ricks’s and other characters from the R&M universe. Each Morty has its own abilities, and they grow and level up as you progress!

Its a really great Pokemon clone, set in one of the most popular universes out there right now, so if you need something to keep your thumbs busy, I urge you to give this game a try. You will not regret it, I promise. There is no szechuan sauce to find though, so if your still waiting for that, go look elsewhere.

New characters include Teacher Rick, Working Class Rick, Street Loco Morty, along with original Ricks and Mortys all unique to Pocket Mortys.

NEW game features include:

  • Adding rarities to Mortys
  • Adding coupon rewards for Multiplayer Challenges
  • Updating improvements based on player feedback