Just recently intel has “launched” there new coffee lake cpu´s. but a lot about this launch is not sitting right with me. these are that most off the press has been having really weird results testing there review samples. This is caused by some motherboard manufacturers having an automatic overclocking tool enabled while others didn’t. the most notable one was ASUS. On all of the z370 motherboards they send to reviewers multi core enhancement was turned on basically meaning that people that used water cooler on their cpu while testing got better results than those testing with an average air cooler. thus giving us results that could differ as much as 300 points in cinebench r15

This for the most part did effect all other tests as well making the 8700k look better than it will ever be for most people as almost no one wo buys a k cpu actually overclocks it (this is proven by Microsoft hardware survey linked below ). Which in turn means that or intel or the motherboard guys are trying their best to hide the bad multicore performance off these cpu´s.

But sadly it doesn’t end there. After the stove that was the 7700k they still haven’t learned there lesson like amd has by insisting on using there bad tim (thermal interface material) to transfer the heat from the cpu to the heat spreader on top. Actually giving you the ability to bake an egg on this cpu.

After that we got the motherboards themselves. Only z370 ones(the expensive ones) are available on launch. as this launch was rushed and they didn’t have the time to make the b350 ones(the cheap ones). This will give a false result as most reviewers are testing there i5 and i3 parts on this chipset which will give better results than when tested on a b350 board. Which means that most of the people buying one of these cpu´s will get lower performance than what was shown to them.

And last but not least is the launch itself. There is no store or online retailer on this planet that has an actual stock of these cpu´s. and if they have them they sell for up to 1000$ per chip. And they are not worth it.

To conclude, some might say that intel has royally screwed up this launch. But I will go one step further as I will say that it was all on purpose. as the giant wave of advertisement they got from this (mainly the bigger channels like ltt)will mean that people buying this stuff will think that it is better than what they are really getting. If they can find one that they don’t need to sell a kidney for.