VR may not be the best medium for all types of games, but First Person Shooters (FPS) games seem to do all right. FPS games seem tailor made to the first person experience that VR can offer, and there have been a couple of very successful ones already. So its no surprise that many companies now want in on the idea. Evasion, from Archiact! is the next game to step up to the plate.


Evasion is an intense sci-fi themed ‘bullet hell’ experience designed for VR to immerse players in frenetic multiplayer combat. Built using Unreal and with support from intel, players experience the next generation in VR Locomotion designed from the ground up for an authentic FPS action title, featuring multiple hero classes to suit all kinds of players. Join three friends online, or head into the fight alone in this extinction level battle for survival. Evasion offers something you’ve never experienced before and we’re convinced you’re going to love it! Once again, if you’d like us to arrange a remote demo, just say the word.

Explosive VR Combat

Evasion will deliver cinematic destructible environments and intense bullet hell action. Players will team up and fight their way through laser-fueled maelstroms and overwhelming odds. Their ‘Swarm A.I’ enemy behaviour system adds a new level of tension, making tactical movement and teamwork critical to your squad’s survival.Experience the charge of heroism as you and your team run and gun to complete vital objectives, rescue one another and overcome explosive ambushes.

Evasion  Gameplay

Built For Locomotion

Evasion will empower gamers to walk, run and dive into battle with incredible locomotion freedom. As devoted fans of the FPS VR genre, the goal at Archiact is to deliver on the promise of free movement that VR gamers crave. Players can choose from highly crafted locomotion modes designed for Evasion’s FPS gameplay that can be customized for their own play style and comfort level.

“Archiact has been crafting immersive VR entertainment since 2013,” said Kurt Busch, Studio Head at Archiact. “With Evasion, the team is using everything we’ve learned and weaving our experience into a truly genre-defining AAA title. With innovative locomotive movement and intense FPS gameplay, we’re convinced Evasionwill prove a stand-out VR experience and we can’t wait for gamers to play it themselves.”

Evasion will set the standard for environmental VR destruction and explosive real-time FX, taking full advantage of IKinema’s state-of-the-art player avatars and the latest Unreal Engine 4 technology. The result? Stunningly immersive visuals and cinematic gameplay that will define it as a truly memorable VR combat experience.

Evasion VR Explosion

Fight Solo or Join a Squad

Make your mark on the battlefield and choose from four hero classes including the devastating Striker, indispensable Surgeon, calculating Engineer or valiant Warden. All four classes have their own unique strengths, weapons & ultimate abilities. Customize your class as you level up by upgrading your abilities and making your own unique build. Players can combine class types to create the most effective team.

From compelling mission objectives, to powerful player class combinations and blockbuster-quality FX and destruction, Evasion is poised to become a must-own sci-fi VR classic for the ages.

Evasion  Enemy robots explosion

Evasion Key Features:

  • Action packed and high-intensity sci-fi shooter gameplay
  • Co-operative Campaign for 1-4 players
  • Total immersion with ‘next-gen’ full body avatars powered by IKinema
  • Authentic FPS locomotion options for the most realistic VR combat experience
  • Powerful class-based gameplay with customizable ability upgrades
  • Best in-class physics & destruction, enhanced for the Intel® Core™ i7 and i9 processors.
  • Replayable missions with randomized objectives & enemy encounters
  • Spectacular Unreal Engine visuals & 3D Spatial Audio brings combat to life
  • Coming to HTC Vive & Oculus Rift early 2018