The second day of the 2017 Overwatch World Cup tournament at BlizzCon blessed fans with extra matches pushed back from the night before. The semi-finals, supposed to happen Friday, saw two teams from the northernmost latitudes facing off: Canada and Sweden.

Sweden vs Canada

The Swedes faltered early and dropped Nepal 2-0 to Team Canada. But thanks to strong defense on King’s Row and Hanamura, Sweden found themselves in a position to close the series out. Canada, led by Surefour, would put on one of the best shows of the tournament, , scraping by on Watchpoint and taking Oasis to move on to the finals.

Match Score
Sweden 2-3 Canada
0 Nepal 2
3 King’s Row 1
2 Hanamura 1
2 Watchpoint: Gibraltar 3
1 Oasis 2

France vs South Korea

Next up, Rogue, I mean France, found themselves the next victims of the Korean Juggernaut. Oasis went the way of Korea after three and Numbani was the same, although Team France was able to make this one much closer. This momentum swing would continue, with France pulling off a shocker and taking Hanamura 1-0. But Korea kept the pressure on and with Flow3r decimating on DPS; Korea took Watchpoint and booked their ticket to the finals.

Match Score
France 1-3 S. Korea
0 Oasis 2
3 Numbani 4
1 Hanamura 0
2 Watchpoint: Gibraltar 3

Bronze Medal match: Sweden vs France

The Bronze Medal match was a good chance to see two of Europe’s top international Overwatch teams battle it out. France took Nepal, but Sweden showed their tenacity and claimed King’s Row.  Hanamura was a draw, which is becoming more and more common, if this continues into the upcoming Overwatch League will be interesting to see. Sweden, with Tviq shredding on Soldier: 76, took Watchpoint, Oasis and the Bronze Medal.

Match Score
Sweden 3-1 France
0 Nepal 2
4 King’s Row 3
2 Hanamura 2
1 Watchpoint: Gibraltar 0
2 Oasis 1

Gold Medal match: South Korea vs Canada

Who saw this coming: South Korea in the Gold Medal match for the second consecutive year. This time though instead of the United States, it was their neighbors to the north Canada facing off against them. Canada put up a fight, but as has been the case throughout the tournament, it wasn’t enough to take Korea down. Flow3r continued to put on a DPS clinic leading to wins on Oasis, King’s Row and Hanamura. Hanamura was close though and the Canadians managed to pull of a surprising win on Junkertown. But Korea would finish off the Maple Leafs and win their second Overwatch World Cup Championship in as many years.

Match Score
Canada 1-4 S. Korea
1 Oasis 2
1 King’s Row 2
4 Hanamura 5
3 Junkertown 2
4 Numbani 5

Overwatch World Cup 2017 had some of the best matches ever in competitive Overwatch, the best being U.S.A. vs Korea to cap off Friday night. It also displayed a new spectator mode that should appear in the upcoming Overwatch League as well. By the second day, this mode just felt like the right way to watch competative Overwatch. The World Cup has been a nice little preview to what’s in store for Overwatch League. If the league can produce the kind of quality matches and bring in the number of viewers the World Cup did, almost 250,000 people watched U.S.A. vs Korea over Twitch on Friday, then it’s future could be very bright indeed.