Article by jeff2146

Back in a distend past two company’s where founded, intel and amd. Both have for the last 30 year been in a bitter war for dominance in the cpu market but the unthinkable has happened. After one hell of a party intel woke up in a unknown apartment trying to remember what happened the night before. And then it happened intel saw amd next to him in bed and now 9 months later they got a baby. A 8th generation intel and rx vega based apu.

After long times of rumors intel and amd confirmed that they were working on something similar to amd’s apu using intel’s latest mobile cpu generation and amd’s rx Vega gpu’s. this will mark the first time in history that hbm 2 vram will be used in a laptop. As for performance we don’t know yet (article written on 7 November 2017). But all of this is really going to bring amd’s mindshare up as even intel think they have a good product that ,when not trying to match a gtx 1070 is very power efficient. The chip itself will be available for the thin and light laptop market. But to be sad I think that NVidia won’t be too happy with this and will most likely try to get them to break up J . only the future can tell