Overwatch League is less than a month away.

You read that right. After more than a year of laying the groundwork, building teams and promotion, Blizzard’s pet project will come to life with preseason matches starting Dec. 6.

So, to get ready for league play to begin, let’s rank the teams by how aesthetically pleasing their colors, skins, and logos are. Overwatch league has split up teams into two six-team divisions: Atlantic and Pacific. Since time is a finite resource, this will be the first in a two part series ranking all the teams in Overwatch League from worst to first by division, starting with the Atlantic for no reason at all.

This has nothing to do with rosters, how each team will perform during the season or anything like that. It’s just about how cool each team looks or doesn’t look. So lets get started with…

6) The New York Excelsior

Overwatch League

New York’s look is… something, that’s for sure. I would have killed to have been a fly on the wall when they were making up that logo. “Hey I’ve got an idea, what if we took an X and made a flag out of it?” Is how I envision the thought process here. Plus, could you have gone with more generic colors? Red and two shades of blue is all you could come up with to represent New freakin’ Yahk? Here’s what Excelsior said:

“The name Excelsior means “ever upward” in Latin, and is inspired by the everyday heroism of New York,” Ok, ok, that makes sense.

“The team nickname, “NYXL,” also evokes New York at its strongest, while the flag logo represents different people, cultures, and ideas coming together,” alright that I can get behind. After this explanation the logo makes more sense and is a positive symbol for New York, but it’s still the ugliest in the Atlantic Division. That doesn’t mean the Big Apple didn’t have competition for the bottom spot though.

5) The Boston Uprising

Overwatch League

Boston’s Overwatch League Team, The Uprising, is owned by brothers Robert and Jonathan Kraft, who also own a team called the New England Patriots. Maybe you’ve heard of them? Well, with all the money from Tom Brady bobblehead sales and who knows what else you’d think they would be able to come up with a better logo than whatever this is. Being from Boston they included a B, to remind you they’re from Boston, in case you forgot. Then they just kind of grafted on a giant U and called it good. Hey, it kind of looks like a shield or something, right? Here’s what the Uprising had to say:

“The team colors of blue and yellow reference the Boston flag, which has a blue and yellow city seal on a background of sky blue.”

Boston’s flag. This is it.

What a thrilling piece of vexillological design to base an entire team’s identity around. At least the rest of the Atlantic teams are a little more pleasing to look at.

4) The Florida Mayhem

Overwatch League

Now to Germany, by which I mean Florida! The Florida Mayhem are Misfit’s team in Overwatch League. Their logo is passable, and the colors work together, but nothing really stands out. The logo reminds me of a beach bar that offers strongly made drinks to thirsty tourists, which isn’t a bad thing. Let’s see what the Mayhem said about their look:

“Florida is well known for its beaches and cheerful culture, and the “Sunshine State” nickname is repped by the bright yellow in the Mayhem’s colors. The red is an homage to the colors of Misfits Gaming, the parent organization of Florida Mayhem, which is heralded for its track record in competitive Overwatch and other titles.”

So yellow = sunshine, red = misfits and black is just there as a base color. I would have liked to see maybe a beige or light blue representing sand or water to break up these warm colors, but I guess it’s usually hot in Florida so it makes sense. At the halfway point, it seems our Atlantic teams are lacking in the design department, thankfully the top three teams have a little more clout.

3) The Houston Outlaws

Overwatch league

Aw yeah, now we’re getting somewhere. OpTic Gaming’s Overwatch League team features the team’s iconic green. This Outlaw/OpTic green, as we’ll call it, pops and provides a good splash when included with the black and white. “The Outlaws” may be the most Texas sounding team name I have ever heard (Sorry Cowboys). The logo is pretty nice too. Two revolvers made to look like a bull’s skull with green horns and a star above is just cool.  Let’s hear it from the Outlaws themselves:

“The team name references [Texas’] rebellious streak, and the star, longhorn skull, and twin revolvers in the team logo are also emblematic of the Lone Star State. Last but not least, the green in the team’s colors is a signature shade for Outlaws parent organization OpTic Gaming.”

So the Outlaws had the same strategy as the Mayhem, but with much better results. And it only gets better from here.

2) The Philadelphia Fusion

Overwatch League

Philadelphia gets the number two spot in the Atlantic Division because of their resemblance to the Philadelphia Flyers hockey team, which are both owned by Comcast Spectator. These colors are instantly recognizable to a hockey fan or someone who lives in and around Philadelphia. This gives the team instant recognition and a sense of familiarity to local fans that other teams aren’t able to create. The logo is fluid and has movement, something a lot of the other logos lack. I already told you why they chose the colors they did. What you don’t believe me? Fine, take it from the Fusion themselves:

“The orange and black of the Fusion’s team colors have a special place in the heart of Philadelphia sports fans, as they are also the official colors of the professional ice hockey team known as the Philadelphia Flyers (which is also owned by the Fusion’s parent company).”

So there you go. If you’re a Flyers fan you’re now automatically a Fusion fan, you get no choice in the matter.

1) The London Spitfire

Overwatch League

London is the undisputed champion, design-wise, of the Atlantic Division. The colors, the logo, the name are just all awesome. The blue and orange offset each other nicely and the navy provides a good, neutral base. The lighter blue represents Cloud9, the Spitfire’s parent organization. The logo is one of the best in the league, with a front-on view of a vintage propeller-driven fighter making an attack run. I’ll let the team speak for themselves:

“The Supermarine Spitfire was the name of a British fighter plane that was flown in the Royal Air Force, most famously during the Battle of Britain in World War II, and it is this spirit of bravery under fire that imbues the team’s identity. The light blue of the logo’s background is the blue of Cloud9, London Spitfire’s parent organization, which has a storied history in Western esports. The Spitfire itself and the orange of the team’s colors are a nod to Lena “Tracer” Oxton, the British Overwatch hero who was a member of the RAF in the game’s lore.”

Ok, there’s a lot of good things going on here. The team has managed to pay homage to British history, Overwatch and the team’s identity all through their design. It’s like the Uprising, but not as lame.