article by jeff2146

Farming simulator 17 is a comprehensive farming simulation game with a large variety of activity’s ranging from spreading manure to finally harvesting your crops and with the large variety of crops in game you will always be wondering what to plant next.

But first let’s look at where this game came from, the first instalment was released back in 2008 as a very basic simulation game with only a set amount of equipment and just 1 crop type. Nowadays we enjoy a rich choice in equipment, cattle and crops with the most recent additions being soybeans sunflowers and pigs.

After getting instant hype for this game I went out to buy it on release day so I could play with my friends but as soon as the steam download was finished I ran into my first problem with the game. I don’t really want to blame this on the game itself but for some reason my provider sad nope to a locally hosted multiplayer server and I could start doing port mapping to get it fixed. But that is where all my tech problems ended and the rest of the game itself went off without a hitch.

Now let’s talk content to price, the base game is 30 € or 30 $(usd) which is half or even less than half the price of recent AAA games and for the base game content, with over 250 unique pieces of equipment from over 75 brands there was already a big block of content to the base game. But why stop there with the recent horsh flc the equipment count went over 300. This however is only scraping the surface. All creator tools used to make the game are freely available on giants website to be used by anyone that wants to make a mod for the game basically giving the community itself the power to add what they want.

Sadly to all games these days there is dlc however with 0 story in game and a large modding community those pieces of dlc aren’t needed for a good gameplay experience as they only ad stuff to the game that modder´s themselves can also do. With the recent release of the platinum dlc we get a new map, a new crop and some new equipment nothing a good modding team can’t make.

Finally for whom is this game, it is for those with patience unlike games like cod or wow this game does not rely on its violence or story to keep you playing. It heavily relays on slow and methodical gameplay in which I myself can always lose the track of time in, as I always want to do that bit more to get enough cash for that field I am looking to buy and so on. If you don’t like this type of game in general than you won’t like farming simulator but if you do I would highly recommend this game to all who are interested.