One of my all time favorite party games is Move or Die. Its one of those games that you can sit down with your friends and have a  good time while screaming at each other. Its one of those games that will leave you hating your friends, or the game depending on what kind of person you are. Now you will be able to see your friends playing the game, and even join them right from Discord!

Integrating Discord’s Rich Presence features to the ultimate friendship-destroying game, players will be able to keep track when Discord friends are playing Move or Die, join games straight from the Discord client, participate in daily giveaways from the official Move or Die Discord Channel, and play with two new Discord-inspired characters  the Discord logo and Wumpus, the official Discord mascot.

Also, as part of the Steam Autumn Sale, Move or Die is available for the limited promotional price of $8.99 (40% discount from S.R.P.) until November 28.

Key features of the Move Or Die Discord Update include:
  • Two New Characters: Jump into the action as two new characters; Wumpus, the Discord mascot, and Logo, the Discord logo. That’s right, the Discord Logo is now a playable character in Move or Die. Now that’s product placement.
  • Rich Presence: See when your Discord friends are playing Move or Die. You can even see what in-game activity they are doing. It’s not cyber-stalking, it’s just caring.
  • Official Move or Die Discord Server: Join the official, Discord approved, Move or Dieserver and make lots of new friends… or enemies… or frenemies.
  • Discord Server Bot: Beep-boop! Say hello to the Move or Die Discord bot. This handy little fellow will retrieve leaderboard info, item info, and hold daily giveaways of in-game goodies.
  • Ask to Join Button: Is your friend on Discord playing Move or Die? Do you wish you were playing with them? Fear not. You can now join a player’s sessions directly from the Discord client invites.
Join the official Move or Die Discord server right here: