There are tons of great brawler games out there, but Galatic feud is one you should not miss. Fat Bomb Studios, an independent developer, announces the release of Galactic Feud, a fast-paced party brawler that you can enjoy locally or online! Players can battle it out in multiple arenas using a variety of fun and exciting weapons! Galactic Feud released for PC on Steam Early Access on June 13, 2017. The game retails for the regular price of $9.99.

The Game

Galactic Feud is a fast-paced, fun filled party brawler that can be played locally or online. The game features zany sprites, stunning graphics, and exciting game play that creates a light-hearted and enjoyable multiplayer experience. Players can play through unique maps with 4 different game modes as you engage in adrenaline pumping battles with up to 3 friends.

In addition to both local and online multiplayer, the game features over 80 cosmetics and more than 12 weapons that can be unlocked. Each game brings a wild new challenge that is bound to create laughs and hilarious experiences.

Game Features:

  • 9 exciting maps
  • 4 chaotic game modes
  • 80+ un-lockable cosmetics
  • Over a dozen un-lockable weapons
  • Local and online multiplayer
  • Partial controller support

About the Developer

Fat Bomb Studios are a very small team of independent game developers who wanted to start a game development business in a place that had none – New Mexico. They enjoy playing games and seek to create games that bring friends and family together. Their mission is to create games that elicit positive emotional responses from our players while creating fond memories.