So Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon just came out a few weeks ago, and they’re honestly amazing games. While last year’s Sun and Moon were incredibly fun, they left a lot to be desired and felt somehow “unfinished”. Well, this year’s games feel a lot more polished and finished, with the addition of 100 Pokémon from other generations for you to capture, an alternate storyline, and neat features like Roto Loto, which resides in your Rotom Dex and functions in a similar way to Gen 6’s O-Powers.

Roto Loto's items
Rotom Powers in your bag. Source: @Pokemon on Twitter

The thing is, there aren’t any decent guides online detailing this feature, and Bulbapedia’s page on it just redirects to O-Powers. So I made one.

Heads up: this article is spoiler-free.


Roto Loto is a new feature inside your Rotom Dex, which resides in your 3DS’s lower screen. Rotom Dex will often talk to you, ask questions, or look upset. When that happens, all you have to do is talk to him or tap on his eyes, and you will be closer to getting a chance to spin Roto Loto. You’ll know it’s ready when Rotom Dex’s eyes are glowing yellow. Tap on them and Rotom will spin the wheel, giving you one of 11 Rotom Powers.

Roto Loto in action
Roto Loto in action. Source:

Rotom Powers

Roto Boost

Roto Boost seems to be the most common Rotom Powers, at least in my experience. This power, if used during battle, will raise every stat of your active battling Pokémon by one stage. The effect wears off if your Pokémon is withdrawn, much like any other in-battle stat modifier. It cannot be used outside battle.

Roto HP Restore

Roto HP Restore does exactly what it sounds like: fully restores your battling Pokémon’s HP. It cannot be used outside battle.

Roto PP Restore

Roto PP Restore, much like Roto HP Restore, is self-explanatory. It fully restores the PP of your battling Pokémon. It also cannot be used outside battle.

Roto Hatch

This one is for you breeders out there: Roto Hatch is a Rotom Power to be used outside battle, and it reduces the steps you have to take to hatch an egg by 50%. It lasts for 10 minutes.

Roto Bargain

This has been one of the most useful powers throughout my play through, since it cuts down the prices for anything in the PokéMarts by half. It lasts for 10 minutes.

Roto Prize Money

Roto Prize Money triples the amount of cash you earn after each battle. This is perfect when used in combination with Roto Bargain, so you can quickly save up to buy that sweet Luran outfit in Hau’oli City. It lasts for 10 minutes.

Roto Catch

This is also an incredibly useful item in the late game (you’ll know why), since it doubles your chance to capture Pokémon in-battle. It cannot be used outside battle.

Roto Friendship

Roto Friendship increases the happiness gained by your Pokémon for 10 minutes. Super useful if you’re trying to evolve a Pokémon that requires high friendship to do so.

Roto Encounter

This power, when used, will increase your likelihood to find wild Pokémon. It lasts for 10 minutes.

Roto Stealth

Roto Stealth is the opposite of the previous power, since it will prevent you from running into wild Pokémon that are below your active Pokémon’s level for 3 minutes. So it’s essentially a repel, but instead of steps, it uses time.

Roto Exp. Points

Finally, the most useful power of this list: Roto Exp. Points. This power will increase the amount of experience points your Pokémon gain after each battle by 50%, and it lasts for 10 minutes. Pair this with a Lucky Egg and a Chansey S.O.S. Chain and you’ll very quickly find yourself with level 100 Pokémon!