PSVR owners rejoice, Project LUX is at last coming to your platform. The story of the last physical girl in a digital world, Project LUX is an immersive experience from Isuna Hasekura author of Spice and Wolf and many other beloved novels.

  • Realistic animations and facial expressions bringing Lux into life, interacting and reacting to your decisions.
  • Story by Isuna Hasekura, the world famous creator of Spice & Wolf.
  • Several endings depicting the different outcomes of Lux’s trial.
  • Character design by Lunatic Joker, one of Japan’s premier illustration and design artist.

Story Summary
As Lux recalls her past, explores her emotions and brings the puzzle pieces together, you befriend and examine her body language, her expressions…What lies beyond her eyes, her words? Throughout the story, certain decisions must be made, affecting the outcome and the ultimate resolution that Lux will face. Several endings ensure that each time you venture back into Lux’s mind, the results is never quite the same.

This is not a simple experience, nor a simple animation film. This is Project Lux, a VR adventure in which you examine a being, a girl of flesh and blood in a digital age. Unlike anything seen on PlayStation®VR to date, Project Lux is a leap forward in animation and visual novels, a virtual look into the future.

We are also proud to announce that a physical edition of Project Lux will be available exclusively from Limited Run Games!