If you’re looking to pick up an interesting co-op game this weekend or holiday, check out Distrust, Inspired by John Carpenter’s classic movie ‘The Thing’, Distrust combines survival gameplay with an intriguing story and unexpected plot twists.

The story takes place at an abandoned scientific base deep in the remote Arctic, players must try to withstand the harsh climate while scavenging for supplies through a randomly generated environment full of deadly anomalies that threaten their sanity, all in an attempt to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of the base’s crew.

Check out the First Co-op gameplay footage

About Distrust:

They were on a routine rescue mission when a helicopter crash left the two survivors stranded near an abandoned Arctic base. To find a way back, they must explore the base, moving from sector to sector, fighting the severe cold and searching for food and equipment.

There’s something else, out there. Something that should not exist. It, which enters sleep and feeds on them. Stalking in the shadows, waiting for the survivors to lower their guard and drift into slumber.

Staying awake seems like a safe option, but the lack of sleep is exhausting and leads to hallucinations. Eventually, the survivors will close their eyes and fall prey to the unknown, terrifying force – unless you can somehow strike a balance between exhaustion and falling into a sleep from which one might never awake.