Co-Operative and Rogue Like are not usually words that appear together in games. Though there is a strong tradition of games like Gauntlet that gave arcade players one shot at victory before death, these could be extended with the right amount of quarters. Genetic Disaster wants to bring some of that Classic Gauntlet fun to your home PC vis Steam.  Following in the strong tradition of games like Bro-Force, and Enter the Gungeon, Genetic Disaster involves a metric shit ton of bullets, special weapons, modifiers, and silly in game things to keep you and your friends entertained for hours.

Team 8 is proud to announce the official release of their first production Genetic Disaster, now available in its final version on Steam.

In this “cooperative” rogue like from 1 to 4 players, you can play online or in local mode to animate your Saturday nights with your friends.
With a colorful environment and weapons bigger than your characters you will be immersed in a world full of creatures as evil as intelligent. You will have to upgrade your character to survive and go kick some mean bosses’ ass.

Your goal? Escape from the manor of the mad scientist and its 10 procedural levels. Cooperation will be the key element to your success, but may also be the path to losing: between shared resources, unique improvements and friends’ fire shots, your chances to get out alive are quite thin.

You miss broforce and Enter the Gungeon was to hardcore for you? Well you find your game. So, call your friends, bust out the drinks and get going! Your weekends are all mapped out.