Gaming keyboards are a dime a dozen, but few truly stand out. Most have blinky lights, or clickey keys, or a gaming mode, but rare indeed are the few that are also well made, quality keyboards. Dygma is trying to buck that trend. The Dygma Raise is a split type ergonomic keyboard, with dozen of options for configuration.

Esports is the most extreme activity done with a keyboard. As the former Fnatic League of Legends Head Coach for the 2X EU LCS champion, Luis “Deilor” Sevilla (Dygma’s CEO and Founder), knows first-hand how you need to do lightning fast repetitive movements for hours, non-stop, day in and day out. The traditional keyboard layout was designed over 30 years ago and it’s not optimized for gaming and these kinds of movements. Professionals and casual gamers are already suffering the consequences: frequent neck, back and wrist issues. Luis wanted to find a solution to help his players and RAISE was born.

Raise Keyboard solves this problem, by increasing performance and health thanks to the combination of the following features:

Split design: Allows you to improve body posture and reduce stress on wrists and shoulders.

Fully customizable layouts: You can create multiple layouts and toggle between them instantly. Any key in any layout is remappable and can be configured as a macro.

The Thumb
The thumb is the strongest and least used finger. The keys are where your thumbs naturally rest so they are easy to access.
Gaming keypad experience and normal typing in the same device. You can detach either side to make more space for the mouse and extra thumb buttons. And if you want a normal typing experience you can just snap both sides together.

A normal keyboard forces the wrists to bend towards the pinky side of our hand. Rotating Raise’s halves lets you keep your wrists at a neutral angle, decreasing pressure and strain over time. You can also adjust the width between the two halves, placing them in front of your shoulders to reduce internal shoulder rotation. Funded in its first 3 days on Kickstarter, Early backers will get a 30% discount (€165) while supplies last.

Dygma Raise has better and more features than any other gaming keyboard in the market.
* Split ergonomic design
* 8 thumb keys
* Fully customizable layouts
* Any key rebindable and macros
* Hot-swappable mechanical switches
* Gaming keypad experience
* Nearly symmetrical (perfect for lefties)
* RGB Backlight and underglow
* Full aluminium body
* Extra USB slot
* Graphical configurator
* Both sides detachable
* Interchangeable palm rests
* Magnetic connectors