What happens when chess gets an upgrade? Well Wizards chess of course, but thats not what we are here to talk about today. Instead were gonna take about Oldage, a new strategy game, inspired by chess, thats available now on Steam. Even better its free to play!

Oldage is a turnbased strategy game with unique characters, charm, and originality. You can create hundreds of combinations of units, weaving a unique strategy each game. A 0 RNG game that is easy to learn, but hard to master! For FREE! It comes with a competitive ranked ladder, rewarding those with the best strategies! There is also an ELO system.

Sounds fun, and for free who can really resist trying something that has that quirky fun look to it. The mainstay of gameplay is in fact a bit liek chess, as various units can move in diffrent ways around a board made up of squares. The end objective is to capture the enemies pices, and win the game. This is added to with a market where you purchase pieces  (the free to play might be a bit of misnomer) and then can use them in game.