The Ys series has long been one of my favorite RPG’s, its unique mix of JRPG style and modern graphics endeared it to my heart. Already out on PS4 there have been extensive delays to the PC release, but today we are finally finding out the release date. PC gamers long wait is finally ending on January 30, 2018. Iv copied out the info from our previous PS4 articles about the game below the trailer, but this really is just a port, so there isn’t  anything new. There are several improvements, to localization and bug fixes, but no new content.

Instead for one week only, PC users will be able to download the following for free until Feb 6, 10:00am PST:

The game has been well reviewed in its Ps4 form, and the mobile PSP port is also quite good. I have high hopes for the PC edition, and will bring you a full review after the release.