Gunpla is one of the most complicated and interesting hobbies that exist. Massive kits of hundreds of tiny parts that have to carefully assembled, glued, and painted. For many people thats a bit too much to deal with. Until now this has had no digital equivalent, but Bandai Namco is doing their best to remedy that with something totally new. NEW GUNDAM BREAKER is a game about building gunpla models and taking them in to battle.

Fans of the series Gundam Build fighters will recognize this concept, and no doubt that series was part of the inspiration for this new game. Details right now are a bit hazy, but I can tell you the game is coming to PS4 and Steam, and that is going to use UE4, and involve two major parts. The first part will feature you collecting parts for your gunpla, and the second part will be fights. Based on things we can see in the background, I can also guess that it will be set in the universe of Gundam build fighters.

Here is how Bandai Namco is describing it:

For generations, GUNDAM fans in the Americas have collected, constructed, and displayed Gunpla models in their homes. Now the artistry and creativity of the Gunpla scene is coming to the video game world with NEW GUNDAM BREAKER, coming to the Americas exclusively for the PlayStation® computer entertainment system in 2018.
 Featuring a multitude of different Gunpla, the game will enable players to construct their own Gunpla and take them into battle. As enemies are damaged or destroyed, they’ll leave body parts or weapons behind which players can collect and use for further customization of their own Gunpla.