Let’s face it, it’s cold outside, and being cozy while playing video games is a great way to wile away the winter hours. It’s even better when you can play with friends, and we’ve got 5 games for you, all under twenty bucks, we think you and your friends will love to play at your next get together.

Screencheat – $14.99

Playing a FPS with your friends on local co-op split screen can be frustrating. How many times have you been accused by your friends of screen cheating, because one of your mates has potato aim? Well, Screencheat by Samurai Punk solves that, because the whole point of the game is to use your friend’s screens to shoot them. All players are completely invisible, and the maps are color blocked and land marked to make it easier to navigate and get your bearings in relation to other players. There are ten weapons ranging from a blunderbuss to a car engine that shoots fire, and multiple game modes that can be as familiar as “Deathmatch” to as absurd as “Capture the Fun”, a game mode where you earn points by holding onto a confetti showering pinata longer than anyone else. Up to four players can play this game on local co-op, but if your friends can’t make it they can play with you online and not miss out on any of the fun! This game is under $15 and is available on Steam, PS4, and XBOX One.

It’s Quiz Time – $19.99

Do you and your friends love trivia, but hate the outdated nature of Trivial Pursuit and want something faster paced that gets updated all the time. Well you guys are going to love It’s Quiz Time by SnapFingerClick. Up to 8 players can play in the local co-op using their smartphones or tablets with the It’s Quiz Time: Companion App for android and iPhone. There are thousands of categories making sure all of your friends will enjoy playing, and dozens of game modes such as guesstimation, matching, ordering, and basic trivia so it never gets old. If you’re a streamer, it even has a native live stream mode where you can broadcast your game on Twitch, YouTube, or Mixer, and have up to 10,000 viewers play by typing their answers in chat! This game is under $20 and is available on Steam, PS4, and XBOX One.

TowerFall Ascension – $14.99

Are you and your friends fans of friendly competition? Then you’ll love the intense, fast-paced, and uproarious archery combat platformer of TowerFall by Matt Makes Games, Inc. The simple mechanics, variety of power ups and pitfalls, and stride of play make this a favorite of ours at parties. Be warned that your friends may make some interesting noises while playing (personal experience)! Even the developer says that this game is best “played competitively with friends, cross-legged on the floor within punching distance of each other. “ TowerFall is local co-op with up to four players, and our house rule is switching out the bottom player of each match with a new player if we have a larger gathering. This game is under $15 and is available on Steam and PS4.

Crawl – $14.99

Are your friends more into D&D and RPGs than shooters? Crawl by Powerhoof is going to be perfect for your group then. This is a local co-op dungeon crawler for up to four players. One player gets to be the crawler and the other players are the monsters. The crawler tries to get through the dungeon, while their friends possess furniture, summon monsters, and activate traps in the hopes of killing the crawler. The player that kills the crawler, possesses them and becomes the new crawler. When any of the crawlers become level 10 they can summon the final dungeon boss that will then be possessed by the other players for an ultimate battle. Crawlers can fail twice on the final boss, but if they fail a third time the dungeon wins, the game is over and rewards and new monsters are unlocked. If they succeed in killing the final boss the crawler wins, and even more rewards and monsters are unlocked (let’s be honest though, your friends really really will want to kill you more than unlocking a few extra rewards). This game is under $15 and is available on Steam, PS4, XBOX One, and Nintendo Switch.

Invisigun Heroes – $14.99

If you like shooters and arcade style graphics, Invisigun Heroes by Somr Studios will be up your alley. This is another game where the premise is that you and your friends are invisible; however, whenever you shoot you briefly become visible and you give away your position. Also, as you navigate the map anytime you collide with the environment it blips with your color to show you bumped into it, also betraying your location. In addition to special pickups and weapons, players select different characters at the start of the match each with different powers, such as teleportation or wall building. There are different game modes such as Deadline and Last Man standing, and over 50 maps to keep it fresh. This game is local co-op and online up to four players, and if you get a particularly sweet kill you can relive it and make your victims…I mean friends… relive it too with instant replays. This game is under $15 and is available on Steam.

We hope you give at least one of these titles a try at your next get-together and we would love to hear stories from you if you and your friends have played any of these, or if you have a favorite not included we should try! Comment below!