In the past year, before I got my own log in for the website I had to send my articles to Fionna to have them published. I recently found out that 2 of these articles have never even seen the light of day. even though these articles are not relevant anymore I would like to share these with you. so reader enjoy the lost files.

Displacing some falsehoods and myths about Ryzen.


It has been 1 month after amd released the r7 line up of CPU’s and the overall performance was lacklustre as described by most of the tech press when these CPU’s where tested when gaming. And this is true the r7 line up wasn’t as good in gaming as the intel 7700k but there are reasons behind this that are very obvious .

1 design purpose : the r7 line up was never design with gaming as its primary goal it was made for heavily multithreaded workloads like video recording, video encoding, video rendering and live streaming. In which the r7 hands down beats the Intel competition this becomes even more apparent when we look at the Cinebench score when testing the multithreaded capability of these CPUs

Ryzen Benchmark test

And my point has also been proven by youtuber’s like jayztwocents and linustechtips.


2 dram frequency : after getting very conflicting results we were able to find one of the ‘’flaws’’ with the Ryzen platform in that it does really on higher dram frequency for it infinity fabric magical nonsense to work properly with the difference between a 2133mhz kit and a 2933mhz kit being noticeable but going anny higher like the 3200mhz dram will not get you that much of a performance increase. So yes dram speed does matter when building a Ryzen R7 pc.


3 game optimization : it has been 5 years since the last amd CPU was released and it wasn’t a very good one because of this Intel was able to get a 90%+ market share. Therefore game developers did not optimize their games for Amd CPUs and this was made apparent when testing ashes of the singularity before and after the latest patch which gave Ryzen a 30%+ increase in performance.

4 resolution : when these CPUs where tested the main result was the 1080p fps number which is in my opinion unrealistic because people that can buy one of these CPUs aren’t gaming at 1080p but at 1440p or 4k and when we looks at those results we do see a gpu bottleneck

To some up the ryzen line-up is great for prosumers that do benefit from having these extra cores, that where locked away in the enthusiast line as far as Intel is concerned. but if you want to have a constant 200 fps in Counterstrike than you can better buy an Intel CPU. but when you are rendering video or you are livestreaming than the amd line-up is the better option especially with the r5 launch right around the corner.

Could NVidia be scared


If you have been living under a rock for the last few months you might not know about amd Vega which is thier upcoming gpu line that is going to compete directly with the 1000 series from NVidia.

A couple of days ago NVidia revealed the gtx 1080 ti which completely kills the 1080 and actually makes it and mid-range card. The 1080 ti is giving us a 35 % performance boost and 3 extra gb of vram over the standard 1080 at the same price of 699 $. To make the 1080 relevant again and give the 1060 some love NVidia is going to launch overclocked versions of these cards. This doesn’t mean anything special until they told us that they are going to increase the amount of vram on those two cards giving the 1080 11 gb of vram and the 1060 9 gb of vram.( just a roumer)


In my opinion by doing this NVidia can push back its next gen of gpu s because they might think that Vega is not going to cause them that much problems. But if we look at the uproar that the rx 400 series made in the gpu market giving us 8gb of vram at 200 $


But all good things come at a cost and this time we have to say goodbye to dvi. NVidia is not going to put a dvi connector on their founders edition card. This decision was made to give the blower style founders edition card more airflow for better cooling

It did take them more than half a year to make a ti version of the 1080 which is probably going to make 1080 owners regret their purchase. But with Vega on the horizon I would recommend to wait before buying a new gpu.




these where my 2 unreleased articles. I will of course be doing more articles on pc hardware in the future. I am at this point just waiting for stuff to get released. but I hope you guys enjoyed these unreleased articles and I will see you next time.


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