Valentine’s is upon us, meaning Single Awareness Day (S.A.D.) is too.  If you have not found that special someone yet to spend next Wednesday with, may we suggest spending some quality time with one of these lighthearted dating sims.

Hatoful Boyfriend – $9.99

Hatoful Boyfriend Dating Simulator

Published by Devolver Digital, the dating sim Hatoful Boyfriend is a truly one of a kind experience.  You are a human that has enrolled in a school for birds, of whom is predominantly comprised of pigeons and doves.  That’s right.  This is a pigeon dating sim.  As you navigate the halls of your new school, you get to know and possibly romance not only your feathered peers, but also your teachers.  The classes and school activities you choose to attend, increase your character stats.  The stats you pick to increase, give you more favorable interactions with certain birds, plus additional opportunities to interact with them.   Each bird has their own personality, and there is a charming cafe subplot.  The average play-through is two hours and there are over fourteen endings.  Hatoful Boyfriend is available on Steam and PS4.

Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator – $9.99

Panzermadels: Tank Dating Simulator

Originally funded by Kickstarter, Panzermadels by DEVGRU-P is a hilarious experience for anyone who enjoys history or tank girls.  You play as Erwin Lemmor, a transfer student from a prestigious military academy, whose orders seemed to have been mixed up.  Instead of going to a specialized school to study the operation and implementation of military tanks, Lemmor has been transferred to a school for tanks.  Each tank is depicted as a kawaii school girl, and many classic models are represented from the American Sherman, to the German Panzer.  There are a ton of WWII references throughout the game, and definitely does not take itself too seriously.  The only drawback to this game is it does only play in a windowed mode.  The average play-through is two hours and is available on Steam.

Dream Daddy – $14.99

Dream Daddy Dating Simulator

From a group of people who should know their video games, Game Grumps has created a romp of a game with Dream Daddy.  You play as a single dad moving into a new neighborhood with your daughter.  Not only do you get to create your dad, but the variety of options available to customize your dad bod are impressive.  The game play differs from a lot of visual novels and dating sims, by adding Pokemon style bragging battles between dads, online dating profiles, and date scores.  Some of the dialog options really hit the feels and if you are a dog person, you’ll love all the pup cameos.  The average play through is six to seven hours, and is available on Steam.

What do you think of our Valentine choices?  Are there any dating sims or visual novels  you would recommend; if so let us know in the comments below.