The Switch has turned out to be an absolutely perfect platform for indie platformers. From Mario to Castlevania, there is a long history on Nintendo of jumping, shooting, and solving puzzles. Castle of Heart aims to continue this tradition with Polish developer 7 Levels capturing the look of Dark Souls, but in a 2D platformer environment.

This video showcases the first of the game’s main environments – the village. Each of the environments offers a unique setting for several levels each. The video shows off the game’s dynamic combat action, changing conditions and breathtaking platforming sequences on the roofs of the village’s buildings.

The protagonist of Castle of Heart is a knight, turned to stone by the curse of the evil mage. If he doesn’t replenish his energy level regularly, he begins to crumble. This may lead to losing an arm, which makes using one of the 50 different side weapons acquired during his journey impossible. The game offers 20 levels set in 4 unique environments, providing over 7 hours of intense experience. Castle of Heart utilizes unique Nintendo Switch features, such as HD Rumble. Check out Castle of Heart coming in Q1 of 2018