Its Mecha, its a racer, its a shooter, its all of those things. Break Arts II is hard to describe but tons of fun to play. First you build a robot, that by itself is quite fun, then you take that robot you built and you race it with on a course where you can fly, shoot, and race around a circuit. Its quite hard to explain this game so I’m just going to show you the trailer and tell you its not just fun, its amazing. I got the chance to play the building part at PAX West last year and I was quite impressed.

If that doesnt get your heart moving, your might actually be dead. Building was fun when I tired it. Primarily you wanted to watch out for weight to power ratio, a big mech with a lot of boosters and power generation might be slower, but be able to shoot a lot more. A smaller mech with just a little gun and lot of boosters will be a lot faster, but itts easy to destroy it.


The follow up hit mobile title Break Arts: Cyber Battle RacingBreak Arts II brings in a variety of changes, upgrades and adaptions including:

Intense Battle Racing –  Not only can you race in Break Arts II, but break (destroy) your opponents who are ahead of you by making use of various equipment such as weapons, traps and more! 

Robust Mech Customization –  The real thrill of Break Arts II isn’t just racing, but the freedom to customize and build your own machines to show off to friends and opponents.

Assemble your robot from multiple parts each with their own abilities, allowing for unlimited possibilities! There are also parts which unfold, come apart and revolve, so you can make your dream machine!