Low budget gods


After a long wait it is finally time for amd to launch their long anticipated raven ridge apus but can they live up to the hype? Lets start off with a disclaimer these chips wont run your games at 4k ultra settings. and we wont be testing any discreet gpu’s as the articles will focus on onbaord graphics. They will run esports titles like cs go just fine however.

Let us start with the pricing of these products, the ryzen 3 2200g has a msrp of 99$ and the 2400g has a 169$ msrp. Making them already pretty attractive for the cpu part alone. But what’s under the hood? The 2200g has 4 cores, 4 threads running at 3,5ghz and 8 Vega compute units at 1100mhz. compare that to the 2400g that has 4cores, 8 threads and 11 Vega compute units at 1250 mhz.


but can they game first off is fortnite at 1080 and the medium pre-set giving intel a run for its money. A smooth 60 fps can however be obtained by lowering the setting to the low pre-set.

The next game is overwatch and to its credits this game is very well optimised with the 2400g being able to get a average of 60 fps on the high pre-set in 1080p. lowering the settings a bit also gives the 22g the ability to get that 60fps. It is to be noted that during intense fire fight the frame rate can drop to 40fps.

On to the worst result of the day pubg aka the new crisis. Delivering unplayable performance as expected with the 2 chips not even breaking the 60 fps on 720p low settings. This is very well reflected in its fps scores.

After that disappointment we will move on to gta 5. That at these settings

Gave us a surprising result with the 2400g giving us that needed 60 fps

And now for the highest fps scare in this article. They off course belong to cs go where these chips just slaughter the game at 1080p very high settings.

Now lets get on to the newer AAA game tests to start we will see rainbow 6 siege that gave better numbers then I originally expected.

Next up for some good old nazi slaying we have Wolfenstein 2 with again very unexpected numbers that will even make you able to give brad pitt his scalps.

Then it is time for a conclusion. Do you want to buy these parts if you want to get into gaming and don’t have that much cash at hand? I would say yes. With current gpu prices and supply it will be a great option while you wait for that gpu you want to lower in price. Or if you don’t have the money for a discreet gpu. The new offers from amd have now for once and all blasted intel integrated carp out of existence. There are however some things to keep in mind

1: ryzen likes faster dram with 3200 mhz used in these tests.

2: if you do plan to upgrade to a discreet gpu the I would not buy the 2200g but the 2400g for those extra thread that will come in very handy especially for Vulcan or dx 12 based games .

3: the am4 platform will stay around until 2020 meaning that there are still upgrades to be had with the same motherboard but you will need to update your bios to do so.

4: when buying a motherboard make sure that its bios has been updated otherwise these chips won’t work.

Article by jeff2146