The typical Valentine ’s Day troupe is flowers, chocolate and a romantic dinner.  Instead of waiting two hours to eat at an overpriced underwhelming chain restaurant, staying in and playing some video games sounds like a great way to spend quality time with your partner.  Here are a few local co-op games to bring you closer.

Chariot – $14.99

What could be more in the Valentine’s Day spirit then playing a game as a Princess and her fiancée working together to complete a dangerous and arduous task?  Chariot by Frima Studio is a co-op platformer where you have to work together to get the Princess’ father to his final resting place.  You work together to solve puzzles, gather treasurer and collect power ups, while fighting off gold stealing looters, avoiding pitfalls, and riding the Chariot at break neck speeds.  The physics in the game allow you to do a lot of really fun things with the chariot and each other while trying to achieve the objectives.  The art style uses bold colors and all 25 levels feel vibrant and unique.  Chariot is available on Xbox One, PS3, PS4, Wii U and Steam.

Ibb & Obb – $11.99

Very few games are made specifically for two people to play, no more, no less, but Ibb & Obb by Sharpweed is one of those games.  You and your partner play as Ibb and Obb, two little blobs living in a puzzle filled world.  You must work together to solve each levels puzzle to progress and this game really challenges your communication, problem solving skills, and your beliefs on gravity.  The simple art style and calming background music, help relieve any frustration felt by not solving a puzzle right away.  It also has online multiplayer, just in case you have a long distance partner.  Ibb & Obb is available on the PS3 and Steam.

Lovers in a Dangerous Space Time – $14.99

If you and your partner have ever dreamed of one day having a date in space, Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime by Asteroid Base will make that dream a reality.  Your mission is to save the universe from Anti-Love by rescuing cute bunnies using your spacenaut.  You and your “lover” must work together to pilot the different stations of the spacenaut, shields, weapons and engines, running back and forth and between, as the different obstacles of space hurtle themselves at you.  The levels are randomized, so every time you play it will be a different neon experience.  Invite another couple over for a double game date, or just a few friends to make the gameplay even more enjoyable.  Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is available on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and Steam.

We hope that whatever you decide to do today that you have a Happy Valentine’s Day!  Is there a game you and your partner really enjoy together?  If so share it in the comments below!