If you want to sell me a game, put the words Rougelike, and Dungeon in it. I am not exaggerating when I say that several of my favorite games of the last years have been these. From Rouge Legacy to Seplunky, to Dead Cells, there is just something so amazing about that type of game. So when I saw Battlecursed from Codex Worlds, is now available on Steam Early Access. I had to write about it.

Explore ever-changing labyrinths as a four-member party dispatched to vanquish the evil Lich Lord and his hordes of menacing minions. Balance the strengths of party members, such as the necromancer and bard, by strategically using each hero’s abilities to reach the depths of the dungeon.

Featuring a first person point of view, extensive magic and combat system, and a choice of part members, Battlecrused is shaping up to be one of those rougelikes you cant miss.

Recruit and customize a party of adventurers to face the armies of the newly risen Lich Lord, Xelo Van. Choose from multiple classes and disciplines, and equip collected weapons and artifacts to further enhance characters’ abilities.ROGUELIKE GAME ELEMENTS
Tactical choices, permadeath, and split-second life-or-death decisions add roguelike gameplay to this hybrid ARPG/dungeon crawler.CUSTOM PROGRESSION
Guild and settlement upgrades allow players to personalize and augment hero abilities and gameplay. Spend your gold and glory to unlock secret knowledge and hidden powers.

Labyrinths and a wide variety of quests and objectives create constantly changing adventures. Xelo Van’s nightmarish lair is never without some new threat…