You have a board.  You have a course.  Your only goal is to get from the start to the finish tile, without falling off the level or your board.  Sk8 by Hcor3 looks and sounds like an incredibly simple game, and it is.  However, Sk8 gets the most important aspect of developing a game right, fun.

Sk8 is a two dimensional platformer with a steep difficulty curve.  What it lacks in graphic splendor it makes up for in collision, physics, and gameplay mechanics.  You use the WASD and arrow keys to move, jump and tilt your way through 100 levels.  The first few levels are laughably easy, but those laughs turn quickly into grunts of frustration as once you reach level 10 the hazards and obstacles become hard to overcome.  Failure of a level regresses you back to a previous level.  There are no check points.  The only way to prevent going back a level is to collect coins found throughout the levels, and hopefully get enough for an extra “life” before you inevitably fail, fall, or decapitate yourself.

Speaking of decapitation, your character’s head isn’t on that tight.  Bump a ramp or plank a little too fast and your character will be sent flying, and as mentioned earlier, the collision mechanics are very good.  Sk8 is very reminiscent of Happy Wheels, but unlike in Happy Wheels, your severed head reaching the finish tile does not complete the level.  You must arrive on the tile standing on your board.

The character itself is actually very customizable considering how limited the graphics are.  Different outfits, hairstyles, and colors are available to make sure your Sk8r is the peak of fashion when failing.

At some point during gameplay those grunts of frustration may change back to laughs.  Can you land a 360 off that ramp directly on the finish tile or will you over shoot and fall off the level, or under shoot and break your neck?  At $2.99 (even less than a buck sometimes during Steam sales), this minimalist game is a bargain.  Sk8 is available on Steam.

Gameplay: 4

Controls: 4

Graphics: 2

Music: 3

Value: 5

Overall: 3.6