To the Top is a climbing/platforming game for the HTC Vive that’s fast paced and very fun – if you can manage to not puke all over yourself while playing! Most games end up featuring some sort of teleportation locomotion to prevent motion sickness, but such options would clearly not work for this game. You WILL fly everywhere in this game. Imagine Prince of Persia and Mirrors Edge smushed together in VR. Or just watch:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a VR game that let you get moving so quickly or had you bounding around the level in such a way, and I can say the movement system alone is incredibly fun. It also offers some difficulty, sometimes in having to grab small surfaces, sometimes its from having to jump car to car as they’re moving…

Seriously though, you need a very strong pair of VR legs to play this game. I’ve only played one game that turned my stomach more. This should definitely be considered a Virtual Reality game for “advanced” VR users.

If you can get past that, however, the game is a ton of fun, flinging yourself around everywhere, climbing impossibly high objects and then looking back at where you came from is amazing.

Don’t ask me why I’m climbing faces there – I honestly don’t know.

The game features a lot of different areas – like the creepy face area you see above, which really gave me the heebie jeebies… I really don’t like that level. Some nicer ones appear to be in a bedroom of sorts, and everything is scaled down so you’re an extremely mini person climbing pencils and toy trains. There’s even a level with caves and a bunch of mushrooms and lava.

Speaking on actual content – there are a ton of levels ranging from Easy to Hard – and some bonus levels that are more fun than anything else. New stuff has been added a couple of times since I started playing, and they just added multiplayer a few months back. There are leaderboards and you can track your own best times in a level compared to your old times and the world best. It even features a nice display for streamers that displays these times. I’ve been shooting for a couple of world records, but some of these guys are still completing the level like twenty seconds faster than me. How they do it, I don’t know.

The game gets into some pretty wild stuff later on, including a whole scene where you get chased, and this level where you literally have to ride around rockets jumping from one to the other. This is just a small taste of the level:

And also has skate like levels, some designed after skate parks, some relying on these green skating paths that maintain your momentum. These ones took me a while to get down – there’s a definite flow of “skating” and letting go and riding your own momentum.

That ride is particularly fun, you feel like you’re going very fast even though you aren’t moving IRL.

All said and done, I can’t recommend this game enough to anyone with strong VR legs. I probably have more hours in this game than any other VR game in my library so far. If you can’t handle the game yet, it’s something to keep in mind once your VR legs strengthen up. I can actually credit this game with helping me get over the last of my VR sickness and helping me get a lot more out of VR as a whole. This is a must have in my book.

By the way, if the devs ever read this: You could make a plethora of incredible games based off this motion system. Soccer. FPS shooters. Melee fighting games where everyone is a Ninja. Cat and Mouse or Cops and Robbers. VR Tag. You guys have really done something in gaming that is both new and unique, and I really hope to see more coming from you guys soon.


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