Sometimes you get made and just wanna throw stuff around. Perviously you couldn’t do this with out real world consequences, but now, VisualLight is giving you the opportunity to do that in VR with Throw Anything. And also fight zombies. Yes, Zombies. Now you can take all of your zombies based rage out on everyday objects and use your whole room VR set up to beat back the horde.

Do whatever you can to defend yourself (and the occasional friendly NPC) as zombies clumsily attempt to scale your high-rise building … inching closer and closer to your room. Nail your salivating targets, and they might fall to their death several floors below – possibly even taking a few of their mangy cohorts along for the ride.

In Throw Anything, literally “anything” is destructible. No ammo? No problem! Destroy the furniture and use whatever parts you end up with as both offensive and defensive weapons. If worst comes to worst, it’s time to dispense with the pleasantries – and grab/toss the nearest NPC into harm’s way….

Anything for a little extra time among the living, right?

* Throw any object within reach – humans included.
* Take on 5 challenging stages about to be overrun by the zombie horde.
* Defeat 4 mid bosses and 5 powerful “main” bosses!
* Collect additional loot to survive the onslaught.
* Enjoy laying waste to fully destructible environments.