I love a fun FPS, especially ones that are co-op. RiftStar Raiders hits all of my buttons, its got looting, crafting, team killing, and simple controls. Its got a classic twin stick feel to it, and a ton of customizations and RPG elements. Even better its got a free demo so you too can go give it a try. A free trial version of RiftStar Raiders is also available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, giving a sneak peak of the first two story missions which can be completed in single player or in cooperative online multiplayer.  

In RiftStar Raiders, set in the outer reaches of deep space, the Spiral Arm galaxy is under threat. The WarSwarm, a deadly AI hive mind, is seeking to destroy and conquer the known universe, and it’s up to the players to save the day. As the Federation’s most infamous outlaws, Raiders are enlisted to team up, using their guile, guts, and guns to protect the galaxy… and turn a tidy profit in the process.

Shooting, looting and spacecraft customization take center stage in RiftStar Raiders with teams of up to 4 players battling their way through nine challenging story-based missions. In this modern take on a top-down space shoot’em up, pilots maximize their profit by looting cash and rewards from enemies, using them to craft and upgrade their ship’s systems, weapons, shields, and boost engines. Be it against rival pirate gangs or the alien WarSwarm, players must adapt their play style to each mission, with a wide variety of loadout combinations available: from a tank that takes the hits, to team support or a damage dealer that goes first into the fight.

About Rift Star Raiders

· In Riftstar Raiders, pilots can fly solo or recruit up to three teammates to shoot and loot their way through nine formidable story-based co-op missions.

· Pilots will face off against the galaxy’s four most deadly factions, from rival pirate gangs to the AI hive mind known as WarSwarm.

· Pilots maximize their profit by looting cash and perks from adversaries, using them to craft and upgrade their ship’s systems, weapons, shields and boost engines.

· Pilots can experiment with a wide variety of potential loadout combinations to modify and adapt their play style to each mission.

RiftStar Raiders is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (Steam).