The world is no stranger to controversial games. From Yandere simulator, to games that feature murder and rape, video games have always toed the line of controversy and pushed the limits of what is “normal” form Night Trap on down to today, we arrive at Super Seducer. A game based on the works of best-selling author and dating coach Richard La Ruina, is about at its core seducing women. Utilizing the works of La Ruina and live actors, this game aims to teach the players the controversial art of the pick up.

Some have hated the title, seeing it as sexist or outright sleazy. Some just think it’s a terrible game. Others have had a blast playing the game and see it as humorously entertaining. Meanwhile, some described it as a great tool to teach shy guys how to approach women normally out of their self-imposed reach.

In fact, Shanna Vincent (Mr. Right, Homefront, American Ultra), principal actor from Super Seducer, had this to say about the positive message of the game:

“Before I was cast in this role, I had the opportunity to read the script and to speak with Richard, and I do firmly believe the game puts women in a powerful role and does try to correct bad male behavior.”

Player will have to decide for themselves, Super Seducer is out now on steam.