I love a good mystery. I love cyberpunk. So when someone sends me an email that just says “Mysterious cyberpunk adventure Neon Sea is coming” my intrest is piqued. That really is about all we know right now. Developer Zodiac Interactive, the publisher behind Candleman: The Complete Journey, announced the game with a series of images of pixel based neon love.

We also know the game is goin to be a classic style adventure game, featuring point and click game play. This will be backed up by what I can already tell are hand made pixel art graphics and hopefully an engaging story.  Zodiac Interactive described the setting for Tales of the Neon Sea as a “striking cyberpunk future world”, while attaching a first glance screenshot of a colourful 2D scenario where the main character seems to be a mysterious cloaked detective-like man.

Zodiac Interactive said in their press release:

“The game is a mysterious adventure set in a striking cyberpunk future world and brought to life using detailed 2D pixelart. The game will be a point & click adventure, with puzzle-solving elements, and an intriguing central narrative”