Assault Gunners is one of the most iconic mech games of all time. Mech’s fly across the screen as you shoot, jump jet, and smash your way across level after level of mech combat action. Today non PSP gamers finally get their shot at this game. Full of shooting, boosting, and just general mech tomfoolery, I for one can not wait to sink my teeth in to it.

A full HD remaster of the iconic PSP game, players will be treated to new controls, updated graphics, and new mech customizations. Over 35 campaign missions, and dozens of mech’s to build, upgrade and collect.

The year is 208X. War has broken out amongst the colonies and it’s up to you and the other officers of your Battle Mech Peace Keeping Force called DAT to investigate a disturbance on Mars. Use your missiles and various mech boosters to defeat waves of enemies and assure the safety of your team and the migrants of Earth from the ever-growing threat of the ANTS uprising. It’s up to you and your task force to figure out who – or what – is leading the insurgency.  

The ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION EXTRA PACK, which will be available on launch day, will allow players to take their experience even further with: 

  • 15 campaign missions set after the initial campaign
  • 3 additional Inferno Mode maps bringing the total to 8
  • 15 extra weapons allowing for more diverse offensive options
  • Over 30 additional mech-parts for even more customisation
  • 4 fully voice-acted Navigators by renowned Japanese VA

Developed by Shade Inc. and published in Europe and North America by Marvelous Europe Limited, ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION is rated ESRB E10+. For more information about ASSAULT GUNNERS HD EDITION, please visit the Steam page.