Go Nagai’ Cutie Honey manga has been a wild success in Japan. It pioneered both the magical girl change, and female protagonists in the early 1970’s. Since then its robot-mecha heroine has gone on to spawn additional manga, movies, and anime series. Now its time has come again, as last year we first heard that Cutie Honey was again going to star in anime. This time its called Cutie Honey Universe, and so far about all we know is that its going to feature the classic characters.  The series will be directed by Akitoshi Yokoyama at Production Reed with Natsuko Takahashi handling series composition, and Syūichi Iseki designing the characters and credited as chief animation director. The series will star Maaya Sakamoto as Honey Kisaragi. 

Today fresh for the anime’s own website, we have our first voice castings.  Atsuko Tanaka as Sister Jill, the leader of the criminal organization Panther Claw. She is a sadist who nevertheless possesses absolute charisma.

Next we have Rie Kugimiya as Sister Jill’s servant Tarantula Panther. She harbors strong loyalty and adoration for Sister Jill. She has the abilities of a spider.

and with these new announcments we also got one new key visual image, this one featuring the cast with their updated look in Honey’s hallmark risky poses. 

Only time will tell if this character which so pushed boundaries in the 1970 can do so again the very diffrent world of 2018.

The series will premiere on April 8 at 9:00 p.m. in Japan.  Akitoshi Yokoyama is directing the anime at Production Reed.

The project, like the  class=”e anime”>DEVILMAN crybabyNetflix series and Mazinger Z: Infinity film, commemorates the 50th anniversary of Nagai’s works.

The classic 1973 manga follows Cutie Honey, an android created by Professor Kisaragi. When he is murdered by an organization seeking the device within her, she seeks revenge. Seven Seas Entertainment has the original manga if you care to read it.