I was introduced to this game suddenly. I had no idea what to expect beyond the name “Throw Anything.” As you can see, it’s an apt description. The breakdown of the game so far is that you are in a room, and zombies are climbing the building. Throw stuff and knock them down. Very simple concept, but simplicity doesn’t make it any easier on your arms.

In fact, simplicity in this context is meaningless. One of the first impressions I had about the game was that it was hard. Physically and in terms of gameplay… and difficult gameplay is oftentimes difficult in this medium. How hard can an enemy be to fight with a sword in VR if you can just stick the weapon at them, and wiggle it around to hit them a hundred times in five seconds? It’s not difficult at all.

This game had me, for lack of a better term, desperate at times to move my body faster to keep these seemingly cartoonish zombies from climbing into the window. They wouldn’t be scary but they’re so big, they’re at least a whole head taller than me. And here’s the thing: no matter how quickly I could throw stuff it never seemed to be enough. It’s just hands down a difficult game. I’m glad to say it’s not a game you’ll probably finish in your first playthrough, or even your second or third.

Now, this is an early access game, and I always give early access game a pass on minor stuff – but that being said for a person considering purchase right now, there’s at least one thing you need to know. The other human that is in this room with you is hands down annoying. This guy here, I always throw him out of the window just to shut him up. He loops “Noooo noooo!” every time you throw something of his out of the window. I get it when you throw his laptop or his TV, I’d probably scream the same thing. But also when you throw his chair… or his pencil… or a broken part of his dresser… at the zombies that are trying to eat you both.

Other than that, the game is really, really loud. Not a huge issue though, as you can just adjust the volume in the steam user interface. I recommend you turn the volume down *before* you start playing.
Otherwise, considering it’s in early access, I haven’t experienced any bugs, crashes, or poor performance at all. I do have a particularly beefy system, your mileage may vary regarding the performance. Seems to me all they need to do is keep making more levels. Graphics are that generic kind you see in a lot of VR games. I think they’re stock assets from somewhere, but frankly that doesn’t detract from the game at all. The zombies are somehow both cartoonish and really scary when they’re in your face.

So back to the cool stuff, each level seems to have additional “items” in the room that really help – in fact, probably must be used – in completing the level. This is the “office” level and it has an item copier which seems to work a limited number of times (that’s what I’m throwing the bowling ball at in the .gif, it copies the bowling ball each time.) It also has a 3D printer (which can produce some explosive results,) and a locked safe. Me? I couldn’t progress past the level until I figured out I had to use all of these things to their maximum.

I will also say the NPC human for the office is a lot less annoying, but I enjoy dropping her off the side of the building all the same.

One thing I want to give them huge props on is the level design. Each level that I’ve played so far has had a great theme, properly themed items to throw at the enemies, and themed zombies that all come together very nicely. The office level has big blue lanky zombies that seem to be able to take more hits, I call them “Supervisors.” I had a great time yelling “Oh s*** the supervisor’s coming better look busy!” as I tossed documents and parts of an office at them.

Even better though, if you toss the NPC down there enough times, they seem to get turned themselves. It took me a while to realize what was happening, I kept noticing these “Special zombies” would attack me, it was only after I realized that I threw them so much they’d start breaking arms and legs (and have the casts to show for it,) when reappearing back into the room until… they didn’t reappear. They were getting zombified, and boy do they chase you down with a vengeance.

Now, my first big impression was how hard the game is. Truth be told I haven’t been able to finish it yet. A difficult and physically demanding game can be hard to get through. My final impression, however, was how well they introduced progression into the game. I found they took a very classic, segmental approach – like old games used to – and I really appreciated seeing that here.

In level one, you have just stuff to throw and 3 lanes of zombies. In level 2, you have 5 lanes of zombies. In the very next level, you have even more! And birds! And then you have to start freezing produce while you’re surviving to make it even honestly hurt them. I don’t want to give away too much about the levels in the game, however, I’ll say they keep ramping the game up in terms of difficulty and the scope of gameplay consistently in all the levels I’ve played so far.

It took me far too long to realize the oven doesn’t break. Now, I don’t know for sure, but it seems that how hard you physically throw something has quite a bit to do with how hard something actually gets hit. I fluffed the throw of that drawer, but the knife throw was solid and broke the stuff like I expected to it. I mean, don’t expect to throw a pencil so hard in this game you instantly knock down a column of zombies – I don’t think that can happen. If you just drop stuff though and don’t throw it, I don’t think it does too much damage however.

All said and done, this is a game I’ve enjoyed my time with so far, and like I said I haven’t even beaten it yet. The price is right for what you get in a VR game, and considering it’s early access nature they’re likely to add even more levels, features and content. I like it, but that being said it’s clear from an Early Access standpoint they have some more polishing to do on the experience. If you like the concept and don’t mind arm punishment, then this one is, much like the zombies, a no-brainer. Okay that’s a bad pun but I like the game, and if you’re on the fence I recommend you jump in.


Thanks for reading! If you want to see more, you can find my Twitch stream at: twitch.tv/crimsonBZD – I play virtual reality, and a wide variety of games. Fun and friends are more important than playing like a pro. This article is just a glimpse of what I and VR have to offer. I plan on making more virtual reality videos and articles for you to enjoy. Thanks to my girlfriend @ChelzBZD for editing this and a huge shoutout to @Kitsuga_Gaming and Kitsuga.com, thanks ya’ll!