With the rise of Farming Simulator there was bound to be competition and this game might just be that competition. Pure farming is a farming based game that sets out to deliver a mostly realistic farming experience. Within this review I will be going over the gameplay, content, graphics and sound design.


The gameplay itself is pretty straight forward, you plough, cultivate, plant, spray and harvest your crops. But the addition of orchards brings a bit of variety to the gameplay as it can be tricky to keep up with them as they need to be watered and sprayed. The controls were a bit counter intuitive for me, as I have been used to the farming sim controls for years now. But after a week you will get used to them no problem.

One of the mechanics I like is the fact that your machines need maintenance. Meaning that when you crash into something, then you will need to pay to repair the damage to your machine. This is something that I actually needed to watch out for as I am not the best driver by a long shot.

For the day cycle, I would have liked to see it a bit slower but the 1 minute in game being 1 second in real time isn’t as bad as some other games I have played in the past.

I would, however, want to say that I didn’t really like the fact that only 1 hired worker can be active on a field at the same time. This severely limits the work I can get done within a single day.

But field management in this game is a lot cleaner than in Farming Simulator, with progress bars telling you how much of the field you planted, ploughed or harvested, giving you a better look at how much of a certain job you have done.


The game for a first attempt at a farming game has more than enough content with 4 maps and a campaign mode. The campaign mode places you in charge of a debt-ridden farm that you through hard work must pull back to its former glory. The good variety of crops in the game are also a pleasant surprise with rye, barley and corn being the most recognized ones. Next to these very well-known crops the game also gives you access to rice, grapes and coffee beans. This variety will make you wonder what to plant next.

But, to be able to actually do the farming, the nice machine pool is greatly appreciated with over 50 different pieces of equipment! The only real gripe I have with the machines is that there is no real recognizable brand in the game. This was mostly done to stay clear from any copyright problems so I can understand the choice to not include brands like Case and John Deere.

Now, for the maps. There are 4 of them in the base game spread over the entire world. With farms in the USA, Japan, Italy and Colombia. The maps themselves are rather good-looking and offer a good variety in scenery while playing the game. The only thing I don’t really like is the size of the maps, as other than the USA based one, all the maps are a bit on the smaller side.


I personally was shocked by how well the game looked when I first got my hands on it, sadly I was unable to get a smooth 60 fps on my older system, that has a GTX 960 GPU in it as the game just filled the 2GB of VRAM on the card. Playing it on my new system getting that 60 fps is not a problem anymore. I would however recommend having a GPU with at least 3GB of VRAM, ideally something from the GTX 10—series, to have a comfortable playing experience at 1080p. Regardless the game’s graphics are comparable to some recent AAA games.



The game has a really well done sound design from the fading of engine noise as you walk away from a working tractor, to the catchy intro music this game has. It served really well in the immersion into the game itself.


I would say that the game feels quite nice to play, the only real complaints I can give is the sometimes-wonky steering and acceleration of some of the vehicles. The selling of the crops feels rewarding and the economy isn’t too harsh on you either.

The addition of modding support for the game is something I am quite fond off as it has been a main feature of Farming Simulator since the first edition. I can’t wait to see what the community will put out over the next few weeks.

The game has a nice feel between caring for your animals and maintaining your crops on the field. With more than enough to do in this version and seeing that a first attempt can give these results, I will definitely be looking forward to the next instalment hopefully arriving in 2019.


Review by jeff2146

Thanks to Techland for providing this game for review.