Microsoft and Rare’s latest cross platform masterpiece Sea of Thieves is finally ready for the big time. Starting today players across Xbox and PC can sail the seas as pirate’s once again. If you played the beta’s you know this game is one thats going to be amazing, and that you need to jump in right now and start playing it.

This is one of Microsofts biggest launches in years and to celebrate there is a massive post over on Xbox Wire about it. Ill do my best to summarize but you should really go read it when you can. Joe Neate the executive producer of the game said:

We’ve taken a unique approach with Sea of Thieves, from launching our Insider Programme in December 2016, where we invited our first 1,000 players into the first Technical Alpha, through a series of Alpha tests, our Closed Beta and Scale Tests, to the recent Final Beta where everyone was given the opportunity to play. We have worked with our community throughout this process, taking their suggestions and feedback to deliver the best experience we could, and this will continue for as long as people are playing Sea of Thieves. I personally love how many of our community I know by name (or face!), and I’d like to extend a special thank you to the Deckhands who have worked so hard within our community to help manage everyone’s questions, feedback and discussions.

He goes on to detail the two largest events, the Microsoft Store in New York and Sydney, The Quest for the Golden Bananas. Both of which you should check out if you are nearby. So get out there and play some pirates, grab some booty, shoot some skeletons, and make your legacy. You can buy Sea of Thieves on Xbox or in the Microsoft store right now for 60$ USD.