Roccat recently announced its AIMO Khan and Kone, two RGB lit accessories for PC gamers who are obsessed with quality. Now they are putting the final piece of the AIMO line in place with the Horde Membranical keyboard. What is Membranical you ask? Roccat describes it as:

“The Horde AIMO features unique Membranical® keys which combine the strengths of mechanical and the silent and softly padded feel of standard gaming keyboard”

So its a hybrid of both mechanical and classic dome keyboard technologies. The Horde AIMO also boasts quick-fire macro keys, a configurable Tuning Wheel plus multi-zone RGB illumination customization in 16.8M colors. The board also features a column of five, low-profile macro keys skirt the Horde AIMO’s main key zone, positioned on the left.

Roccat has made it easy to tell which keys are the macro ones by making them a lower height. They say this will prevent any mis-hits on macro keys at critical moments. At just 5.0ms, the keys actuation is lightning fast. The Horde AIMO island keys offer up to a 44% faster response rate, securing the most precise trigger of every button. The Horde AIMO is also fully compatible with ROCCAT’s Swarm driver system. All of this for just 99USD.

René Korte, CEO of ROCCAT said:

“With Horde AIMO we wanted to offer the fans of traditional keyboards the best choice in the market, there is no other option that feels as crisp and precise and offers this level of customization. The Horde AIMO is unique in its kind”