Action Puzzler is not a genere I ofen see cited in my PR emails. So it was with some skepticism that I took at look at Subaeria a new puzzler from Montreal based Indie Studio iLLOGIKA. Mixing real time combat, platforming, and puzzle solving might seem like a tough bar to hit, but if the preview below is any indication iLLOGIKA have done a stellar job.

In Subaeria, players follow Styx, a young girl who’s out for revenge after her family is murdered by the overlord of Subaeria. She must fight her way through droves of murderous robots by pitting them against one another. As she progresses towards her goal of revenge, she’ll explore the underwater city of Subaeria to uncover the mysteries that lie below the depths.

Combining platform and clever puzzle gameplay mechanics with roguelike elements, Subaeria’s single player campaign stimulates players to use their logical senses with the help of their drone to defeat swarm of adversary robots and lead them to destroy each other. Each level gradually increases the puzzle solving difficulty, enabling power-ups and challenging the strategic thinking needed to control the environment and character abilities to accomplish victory.

Subaeria features include:

  • Pit your enemies against one another and the environment to defeat them.
  • Use skills equipped to your drone to influence your robot enemies and Styx.
  • Every room is a puzzle to be solved with the skills you have on hand.
  • Multiple playable characters: Play as 4 characters with unique backgrounds and abilities
  • Unlock different skills, buffs and skins at each play through.
  • Explore a new labyrinth at every play session.

Subaeria’s early access version is now available on Steam for $14.99 USD and will be released on April 24 for the same price on PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One as a final optimized version with a revamped story line, fixed bugs, and newly designed story missions and levels.