You play as the strong silent type Mr. Shifty, a high class thief with the ability to “shift” through space, walls and even bullets.  You are trying to steal the mega plutonium from a high tech high rise, and are being guided by your plucky partner Nyx.  Mr. Stone and his henchmen are trying to stop you, because he needs the mega plutonium to build his “machine”.   As you make your way through the building, each floor becomes increasingly difficult with new traps and enemies.  Like every super hero Mr. Shifty has a weakness, one hit and you’re dead.

Mr. Shifty is the first game from Team Shifty in partnership with tinyBuild, the same publisher of great indie gems like Punch Club and Hello Neighbor.  Mr. Shifty is a top down fast paced game that plays a lot like Hotline Miami, but without the neon and weird masks.  In addition to the art differences, the “shift” mechanic brings fantastic dimension to the game play.  Players are also limited to only picking up melee weapons from their fallen foes.  However, the enemies are not limited to melee, and try to end you with weapons ranging from shotguns and flamethrowers, to rocket launchers.  You can use your shifting to outsmart your enemies by drawing them into each others line of fire, or making them shoot a conveniently placed exploding barrel.

This game is fun, but does have a draw back.  It is short.  The average play-through is four hours, so unless you plan on speed running it, at a price tag of $14.99 it is not a great value.  However, if you can get it on sale either on Steam, PS4, Twitch or Switch, it is definitely worth a play.

Gameplay: 4

Controls: 4

Graphics: 4

Music: 4

Value: 1

Overall: 3.4