MMO’s are like the major leagues of video gaming. You spend hundreds of hours playing them, getting better at them, developing strategies for them, and honing your various builds. Its a never ending supply of content that developers are constatly refreshing with new classes, items, and raids. Soul Worker a free to play MMO from developer Lion Games. With anime stylings, and action combat, SoulWorker is the latest free to play MMO to take a shot at the crown.

SoulWorker‘s latest update introduces Jin Seipatsu, the Fistfighter class among the SoulWorkers — a group of warriors with emotions so strong that they’re able to manifest them into powerful weapons. Only 17 years old, but with a heavy heart burdened by tragedy, Jin uses his sense of justice as a source of power, helping the weak no matter the cost. The update also unlocks the Golden Citadel — a five room raid that’s sure to give even the most pro players a challenge. Those who survive the Golden Citadel can walk away with incredible new item drops, including materials to craft new stat-boosting gear and more.

SoulWorker is a post-apocalyptic action-adventure that delivers high-energy battles, a captivating story and anime-inspired cinematic gameplay.