Divinity: Original Sin 2 was one fo the best games I played last year. The PC exclusive deep RPG had all of the elements that I love. Its turn based combat was amazing, its leveling was gradual and seriously made a difference, and the game didn’t hold your hand. My review even went so far as to call it the best RPG of this decade. Now Xbox players can get in on that amazing experince, with the Divinity Original Sin 2: definitive Edition. Theres more to love in this Xbox edition, and users will get to try it out May 16th.

Prepare to embark on one of the grandest RPG adventures ever in DIVINITY®: ORIGINAL SIN 2 DEFINITIVE EDITION, the multi award-winning, single-player and cooperative multiplayer fantasy RPG. Beginning on May 16th, Xbox Game Preview will give players special access to the first three hours of DIVINITY®: ORIGINAL SIN 2 DEFINITIVE EDITIONs gameplay, for free! Players can then choose to unlock the entire First Act of the game – approximately 20 hours of adventuring – by purchasing the game. Players will also be able to pick-up from the progress made during this special access preview upon the full launch of DIVINITY®: ORIGINAL SIN 2 DEFINITIVE EDITION in August.

Xbox players will explore a world of near-limitless possibilities. Players will gather their party, master elements, and forge friendships and rivalries on their quest to ascend to divinity.