Hack and Slash games are a guilty pleasure of mine, from Dynasty Warriors to Ninja Turtles, give me two or three buttons a massive list of combos, and any sort of RPG systems and im in. Die for Valhalla, hits all of those notes. In the land of Vikings, a monstrous portal has opened. The Great Old One is plotting to take over the world. Chaos spreads far and wide… and the party’s just getting started! Novice Valkyries along with their new mysterious friend set out to save the world. What could possibly go wrong?

If you like over the top hacking and slashing, two-dee graphics, or norse mythology all smashed up together with the old ones, and a healthy dose of sci-fi you are going to want to check this game out on steam when it comes out May 29th. Becuase come on, who doesnt want to check out a game featuring, a supernatural maiden has been bestowed the power to possess and take control of heroes and monsters to help save their realm. Scheduled for release on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, pre-orders are now available on most platforms.

Die For Valhalla! challenges you to a quest through strange lands where Norse mythology collides with Lovecraftian mythos! You are a spirit of war – a Valkyrie. Your role is to help Vikings save their world. You will explore a procedurally generated world, fight in arcade 2D battles and experience a lighthearted story that breaks the fourth wall and makes fun of traditional assumptions about games and Vikings. Permadeath is there if you like your games to taste like hardcore but you can also go for the more relaxed difficulty.


  • An action-packed hybrid of roguelike and arcade beat ‘em up
  • Unique possession mechanic
  • 10+ Viking clans
  • 7 Viking classes
  • 80 skills for levelling up
  • Deathmatch & Survival challenges
  • Single-Player, Multiplayer, Co-Op