lets just let the horse out of the barn, this (like the title says) is a Shoji manga, so its going to be full of romance, awkward dialog, and pretty boys I would guess. Shojo manga is perhaps the most under-represented safe for work genre in the industry in America. Though there is a TON of it in Japan, very little gets brought over to the US. With the recent surge in fujoshi (thanks for that BTW Free, and Yuri on ICE) in the US it has now become profitable to bring series dedicated to that subject over the states. Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle is a part of this trend. Its a blend of fantasy, adventure and comedy targeted at young teen girls.

One such series is SLEEPY PRINCESS IN THE DEMON CASTLE, it may not be about cute boys, but it is a romance. Kidnapped by the Demon King and imprisoned in his castle, Princess Syalis is…bored. She decides to while away the hours by sleeping, but getting a good night’s rest turns out to be a lot of work! She begins by fashioning a DIY pillow out of the fur of her Teddy Demon guards and an “air mattress” from the magical Shield of the Wind. The princess’s hapless demonic guards soon discover that their captive expects to be treated like, well, a princess. Things go from bad to worse—for her captors—when some of Princess Syalis’s schemes end in her untimely demise and she chooses the Forbidden Grimoire for her bedtime readig.

says Annette Roman, Editor of the book said:

“The SLEEPY PRINCESS IN THE DEMON CASTLE delivers a smile-inducing mix of fantasy, adventure and comedy, The Demon King and his minions are in for a lot more than they bargained for when they kidnap the resourceful but sleep-deprived Princess Syalis. We invite readers to enjoy this series debut this summer!”

SLEEPY PRINCESS IN THE DEMON CASTLE features story and artwork by Kagiji Kumanomata. The series will be published under the Shonen Sunday imprint with a rating of ‘T’ for Teens. Print MSRP for Volume 1 will be $9.99 U.S.

Volume 1 is also available digitally on June 12th via viz.com and the VIZ Manga App, as well as from the Nook, Kobo, Kindle, iBooks, comiXology, and Google Play stores.Future volumes will be published in English by VIZ Media on a quarterly basis. For additional information on the SLEEPY PRINCESS IN THE DEMON CASTLE and other manga titles published by VIZ Media, please visit viz.com.