It wouldn’t be a month on the calendar with out Section 23 announcing a slate of awesome new home video releases. Blu-Ray and DVD Section 23 brings all of them right to your house direct from Japan for prices lower than today’s average cost for a movie. So lets get started on this months full list of movies with Frame Arm Girls.


The first Show coming to Blu-Ray this months is Frame Arms Girls published by Sentai Filmworks and distributed by Section23 Films. the Blu-Ray has a run time of 300 min and will be hitting store shelves on 9/4/2018. It will of course be the Blu-Ray format and will have language tracks Japanese with English Subtitles and will sell for $59.98

SYNOPSIS:  When Ao found the package on her doorstep, she thought it was a present from her father, but inside the box was something truly unexpected: Gourai! A Frame Arms Girl, Gourai is a walking, talking, miniature artificial person with the intelligence of a ten-year-old human and a selection of snap-on weapons and armor. And the reason Gourai needs armor quickly becomes clear as two more Frame Arms Girls, Stylet and Baselard, arrive intent on testing Gourai’s combat capabilities! It seems that Ao has been chosen to help test a new toy line and the good news is that she’ll get paid for hosting her diminutive charges’ battles! Of course, since they’re mainly interested in fighting and gathering information, things are going to get awkward when they follow her to school in FRAME ARMS GIRL!

Next up is Glass Mask (1984) BLU-RAY. Published by Maiden Japan and distributed by Section23 Films this film has  run time of 550 min and will hit the street on  9/4/2018. It will be available in the Blu-Ray format and will have Japanese with English Subtitles for language. The set will carry the price of  $89.98

SYNOPSIS:  It seems like a fairy tale story. Plucked from obscurity by the legendary actress Chigusa Tsukikage, 13-year-old Maya Kitajima is given the chance of a lifetime and the opportunity to study at a legendary acting school. She’ll also find an archrival, however, and Ayumi Himekawa is as determined to be the greatest actress of her generation as Maya is. To succeed, each girl must conquer every acting challenge placed in front of her and then push even further as they aim for the same ultimate goal: the role of the Crimson Goddess in the play of the same name, a part created by Chigusa herself. All the world is the stage as the ultimate dramatic rivalry begins in the original anime classic GLASS MASK

Next up is Action Heroine Cheer Fruits! Published by Sentai Filmworks and distributed by ection23 Films it has a run time of 300 min and a street date of 9/11/2018. It will come in the Blu-Ray format with Japanese language track with English subtitles for a retail price of $59.98

SYNOPSIS:  Ann seems like a normal girl, but secretly she’s obsessed with the “local super heroines” who perform in shows that promote regional products and tourist sites across Japan. So when Ann is approached by Mikan to put on a private heroine show for Mikan’s younger sister, Ann jumps at the chance to live out her fantasies. And when their student council president, Misaki, sees the two girls rehearsing, she realizes that a local superhero show might be the way to rescue their town from serious financial jeopardy! But can they recruit all the girls and resources needed in the short time before the bills come due? It’ll take a superhuman effort and a lot of favors from friends, but these real life heroines might just save the day in ACTION HEROINE CHEER FRUITS!

Next up we have Vatican Miracle Examiner on Blu-Ray, published by: Sentai Filmworks and distributed by:  Section23 Films this Blu-Ray has a run time of 325 min. It will arrive on store shelves on 9/11/2018 in the Blu-Ray format. It will have Japanese with English Subtitles and will carry a price tag of $59.98

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SYNOPSIS:  Miracles don’t happen every day. But when something impossible happens that seems to be the work of supernatural forces or higher powers, it’s the duty of the Assembly of Saints and their agents to investigate. Their job is to determine whether each incident is explainable via previously undisclosed information, a part of some plot to take advantage of the people’s faith, or a genuine miraculous event. Priests Josef Kou Hiraga and Roberto Nicholas specialize in unveiling the truth and unearthing secrets that others might wish to keep buried, but when they’re sent to Mexico to investigate reports of a virgin birth, they end up in danger of being buried themselves. Murder, demonic summoning and deals with the devil are just the beginning of a new war against the ultimate darkness by the VATICAN MIRACLE EXAMINER!

Next up with the Negima! Blu-Ray, Published by Sentai Filmworks and distributed by Section23 Films, this Blu-Ray has a run time of 650 minutes and will have a release date of  9/18/2018. It will be coming in the Blu-Ray format and will have English and Japanese language audio tracks, with English subtitles. It will carry a retail price of $89.98.

SYNOPSIS:  Putting a 10-year-old boy in charge of a class full of teenage girls would normally sound like a really bad idea, but that’s what Negima Springfield has to do when he’s assigned to teach English at the exclusive Mahora Academy. Making matters worse, the class in question is Class 2-A, where the students all have unusual skills and secrets and some aren’t even human! Fortunately, Negima isn’t a normal 10 year old. He’s also secretly a wizard, which is a good thing since Negi’s lesson plans are constantly being interrupted by ghosts, vampires, ninjas, time travelers and even cheerleaders! Can magic help when more than a few of his students start to have romantic feelings towards him? Prepare to be enchanted by the most charming wizard ever in NEGIMA!

Finally we arrive at Princess Principal, my favorite out of this bunch, and one I will go out of my way to buy.  Published by Sentai Filmworks and distributed by Section23 Films with a run time of    300 min, this Blu-ray will be available after 9/25/2018 in both Blu-Ray and PBS formats. Both will have English & Japanese with English Subtitles langauge tracks and will retail for $69.98, $179.98.

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SYNOPSIS:  Early in the 20th century, the discovery of Cavorite, an anti-gravity substance, gave birth to a technological renaissance including the development of giant airships and other fantastical inventions.  However, the scientific revolution was not the only one afoot, as Great Britain was torn in two by an armed rebellion when the oppressed poor finally turned on the ruling elite. Now the Commonwealth has a plan to take Albion by stealth, substituting their undercover operative Ange for the beautiful young Princess Charlotte. But Charlotte and Ange both have surprises in store for their respective governments and instead hatch a plan wherein the Princess herself will act as an agent in exchange for help in claiming the throne! A dazzling team of femme fatales sets out to rule Britannia and English History will never be the same in PRINCESS PRINCIPAL!

Finally we have Scum’s wish the Blu-Ray, published by Sentai Filmworks, distributed by Section23 Films it has a run time of 300 min. The Blu-Ray will reach stores on 9/25/2018, and will have English and Japanese language subtitles & Japanese with English Subtitles for a retail price of $69.98.

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SYNOPSIS:  Hanabi has loved her older friend Narumi for years, but she’s still in high school and not only is Narumi now her new homeroom teacher, he’s also clearly in love with the music teacher, Akane. And as awkward as being the unwanted third in a romantic triangle can be, things become even more twisted for Hanabi when she learns that another student, Mugi, is in love with Akane. That leads to a strange idea: since the ones that Mugi and Hanabi are in love with aren’t available, the two unrequited thirds start to explore the idea of becoming each other’s substitute surrogate relationship. It’s not about romance, of course. Just sex and convenience. Or at least that’s what they keep telling themselves as love’s wires become hopelessly crossed and ensnarled in SCUM’S WISH.