The VCS had a strong out of the gate performance and an even stronger E3 showing, and its current train of momentum shows no sign of slowing down. Atari continues to bring good dedicated staff in with the addition of Rob Wyatt. Mr. Wyatt worked closly with Microsoft on the original Xbox console. His contributions to the GPU hardware and 3D graphics were instrumental in making Microsofts first console a huge success, and now he and his company Tin Giant are bringing their expertise to the VCS team.


Wyatt, an expert in GPU Hardware and 3D graphics, has worked on everything from hardware design to graphics applications for a variety of well-known game systems and software platforms. While at Microsoft, Wyatt held roles on the development teams on DirectX and the Windows kernel before becoming the system architect of the original Xbox game console.

So far the VCS has been wildly successful with almost 3 million dollars raised over just a month of funding. There is still time for you to get yours at a special early bird price from Indiegogo. For just 379$ you can have the All in Package with the controller, the joystick, and the classic wood fronted VCS itself. As for the new hires, Mr. Wyatt’s expertise is in the graphics realm hopefully means there will be plenty of cool VCS logos inside the system software.

I hope this will mean that the VCS is getting some internal Atari developed games, and or a bad ass handheld, or a major hardware upgrade (though it is a bit late in the game for that as the unit ships this fall). Retro-inspired, but not a “retro-box,” the Atari VCS will deliver a fully modern gaming and entertainment experience sure to delight the more than 11,000 backers who have enthusiastically supported the Atari VCS so far during its ongoing Indiegogo Pre-Sale; currently scheduled to end on June 29, 2018. Indiegogo backers and other future Atari VCS owners can plan to have access to a wide array of games, media and streaming content options when the hardware platform ships in mid-2019. Atari plans to make several more product development updates and announcements, along with new partnerships and agreements between now and the first shipments that will include game publishers and developers, product distribution plans, non-gaming content providers and much more. In addition, Atari endeavors to provide unscheduled work-in-progress product demonstrations in the future as they become practical.

Michael Arzt, Atari COO of Connected Devices said of the contribution Mr. Wyatt will make to the team:

“We have made a commitment to Atari fans to make the VCS the very best game and home entertainment platform it can be, After months of working with Rob and Tin Giant to define product requirements for the Atari VCS hardware and operating system, we are excited to finally and officially announce our partnership. Rob and his experienced team are working to squeeze every possible ounce of performance out of the Atari VCS hardware.”

I am eager to see what sort of magic Mr. Wyatt can brign to the new VCS box, which I did not get an active demo of at E3 this year much to my chagrin. But I can tell you that I have great faith in the Atari Team, and I believe that the VCS will be a scuess and most of the public seems to agree as their Indiegogo has now passed