The first panel of my day one at Anime Expo 2018 is getting to experience the Sentai Filmworks panel! The panel hosts start off with a sizzle reel, shown off some of Sentai’s biggest shows from this season and last.

Our hosts for this panel are: Jay Perez, an event manager, and Hanna, a digital market specialist. Hannah tells us that Sentai is one of the biggest companies bring anime to the United States, and, of course, there is a plug for their social channels.

Next, we get a shop plug. Of course, they tell us where to find their anime. It’s all over the place, steam, Prime Video, HiDive, and of course, Google Play and iTunes.

Now it’s time for the real sizzle reel, featuring all of the anime from this past year, including Himouto! Umaru-chan, Pop Team Epic, Classics Lai, Just Because, Princess Principal, Cutie Honey, and No Game No Life Zero. We also see UQ Holder, Girls Last Tour, and Vatican Miracle Experiment, The Seven Heavenly Virtues, it just goes on and on. Clearly, Sentai has brought a lot of anime to the United States this year. Some favorites, some more obscure, there is a lot of cheering for things like No Game No Life Zero, and Umaru, but less for some more obscure things like Taku Nomi, and of course plenty for Land of the Lustrous. There are literally dozen of shows on offer, and it gets a bit overwhelming, I am not going to list them all off, but if you want to see Sentai’s full catalog then feel free to check it out over at their website. Most of it is available on HiDive since Amazon’s Anime Strike service is no longer a thing.

Current Season Anime:

First up is The Thousand Noble Musketeers, a show about noble boys who use muskets, to do something.  I am getting a huge fate vibe here, each character is named, and they seem to have different powers, one is a sniper for example. This anime is based on a gatcha game from Japan, so who knows what it will actually shake out to be like, but check out of the PV below. Hanna tells us this is mostly about really pretty boys, thats its on HiDive, and that its about nobility and guns.

Next up is a show about a girl who can awaken princes? More cute boys its seems! The major target of these shows is no doubt the fujoshi audience.  It’s a show about taking back dreams, and winning called 100 Sleeping Princes and the Kingdom of Dreams, and I probably won’t watch it because it doesn’t have cute girls. Its also a HiDive exclusive. Here’s the trailer for it.

Third up is a show about girls and dancing. The show is called Revue Starlight. The publishers describes it as:

“After receiving a mysterious invitation to audition for a coveted spot with, Starlight, a popular musical revue troupe, star-struck contestants begin honing their talents and competing against each other for a chance of a lifetime. Among the hopefuls are childhood friends, Karen and Hikari, who once promised each other that they would take the stage together. With each contender working tirelessly hard to win, it’s the girls’ passionate dedication to their lifelong dream that’ll truly transform their performances as the curtains rise.” 

Girls Reveue will be on HiDive later this year.

Next up is Mr. TONEGAWA Middle Management Blues, a new series from, this spinoff series from the award-winning world of Kaiji. Its a show a about a dude in middle management, who is a middle manager fighting off the bosses. This show will come both dubbed and subbed to HiDive later this year.

Sentai will also be dub-casting Tada Never Falls in Love, on simuldub, Real Girl will be given the same treatment. Simuldubs are quite a thing now it seems. What do you think? Dubs or subs? Personally, I like subs myself,  it’s nice to be able to see the show so shortly after it comes to the Japanese market in the US. Simuldubbing has gotten better, over the years, and a few companies, including Sentai do it in less than 24 hours.  Sentai also announced that they got Real Girl season 2 dub rights at Anime Expo!

Real Girls Season 2, follows the the popular Iroha Igarashi and reclusive Hikari Tsutsui, as they continue to navigate the tumultuous waters of young love and what it means to be true to yourself. As their relationship grows and deepens, new and difficult challenges threaten to break them apart. While they are committed to overcoming everything that comes their way as a couple, will some things be too much for them to conquer?

The series’ original production team returns for Real Girl season 2 including Hoods Entertainment (Girls und PanzerJoJo’s Bizarre Adventure) for animation production, Takashi Naoya (Himouto! Umaru-chanLuck & Logic) as director as well as voice actors Teppei Uenishi as Hikaru Tsutsui and Yu Serizawa as Iroha Igarashi.

Next, they tell us about their physical releases, which are quite a few. Including this awesome full LOGH set thats 800$ and a LOG No Game No Life limited edition movie, that’s going to come over to the US this summer. It’s open for pre-order now!

Sentai also announces the premium box set of K-On, a limited edition with a ton of stuff, open for pre-orders starting today right here at Anime Expo! There are also a couple of last chance pre-orders, from their merchandise, including Made in Abyss shirts, of which there are three different styles, two Princess Principal shirts, one of which glows, and a series of three No Game No Life shirts, one of which is holographic. There are also Umaru shirts, and Pop Team Epic shirts, and of course the Sentai Summer sale, where you can get all kinds of anime for up 75% off, all at There is also New to Anime Expo merchandise, including a Shokugeki no Soma (Food Wars!)  shirt, and a 6 pack poster lack for food wars the second season. There are also two LOGH shirts. there is also Pop Team Epic shirts, that are new featuring STFU and EDM! There are also buttons for Tada Falls in Love, and a six pack of posters for Nyanko Big. There are also two new GATE shirts, one has an awesome holographic model of which I am definitely out to get.

Monster Musemu is also getting a T-Shirt set and you need to pre-order it from their website, and wow t-shirts have gotten popular, I am just totally floored! You can get all of this stuff at Who else is an ancient like me and remembers the years of drought when you couldn’t find a single anime T-shirt?

The next section is about dubs, so I basically just gave up… just kidding, I know some of you like dubs. This year, Sentai is bringing dubs to Scum’s Wish, which I have not heard of at all, but looks like it’s decent incest high school stuff, along with Love, Chuunibyo and Other Delusions, is also getting a dub, with pre-orders starting at Anime Expo, from Coming later is Takunomi, which is about drinking with cute girls and looks to be very good.

Also, getting a dub is My Girlfriend is Shobitch, UQ Holder, and Made in Abyss.  I’m sure there will be plenty of excited dubs fans out there who want to hear Made in Abyss in their native English and not read the dub. That will be out in October of 2018, and it will air on HiDive. There is also a Premium box set coming from Sentai.