The Sunrise Panel was stacked with guests, we have: 

Mitsuaki Taguchi: President & Representative Director of BANDAINAMCO Holdings Inc.

Yasuo Miyakawa: President and CEO of SUNRISE Inc,

Naohiro Ogata: Producer of “Mobile Suit Gundam UC” and “Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt”

Osamu Taniguchi: Gundam Origina producer and somoene who is responsbile for Love Live Sunshine!

The panel starts with a simple question: when will we get our next Gundam show? the answer is less than exciting “were working on it” There are two awesome Gunpla in the front of the panel, and of course some prizes for the fans.  Next up is Akane Hagino – deputy general manager of International Sales for Sunrise, and shes going to be running the panel. She first introduces the panelists. Before we do that me just get out of the way the one thing I know all of you are waiting for, heres the trailer for the new OVA that takes place after Gundam Unicon Gundam NT (Narritive). More info on the show is at the end of the article, bu this trailer could not wait.


Naohiro Ogata – Executive producer of Gundam series – he is called the Gundam Guy he’s done Gundam UC, Gundam Reconquista, Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt ,and many more.and we also have Osamu Taniguchi  Producer of MGS the origin.

First we get a showcase of  available titles, We start funnily enough with Love Live Sunshine, the second season, which will be on Crunchyroll and Funimation. Also a brand new movie is also coming soon, its currently in production over in Japan.

Next up is a Cowboy BeBop 20 year celebration release, which looks amazing, its a Sunrise Funimation co-op releaase. its got a vinyl soundtrack and tons of goodies with it and pre-orders start July 13th. The package will have both movie and TV series, and were told this is the first time this has ever happened.

Next us is the Code Geass Lelouch of the Rebellion movie trilogy release, in preparation for the new series thats coming out soon. The movies have quite a few changes, and include a lot of content that changes how the last part of R2 goes. This movie trilogy is licensed to Funimation so we won’t find out till their panel what the price and sale date for the movie sets are. But Sunrise does give us a little teaser, and tell us we are going to enjoy the movie.

Next up is a band new series called Double Decker, which pairs a rookie cop up with a tired old vet.  It will come out on Crunchy Roll in 2018 Fall. Directed by Joji Furuta and designed by Masakazu Katsura, the show has a similar art style to Tiger and Bunny, its one you for sure won’t want to miss! Double Decker is  the story of Doug Billinghman and Kirill Vrubel, Doug is a veteran and Kirill is a newbie and the show is about their dramatic relationship. The panelists tells us that the show is basically Beverly Hills Cop, the anime. I take that what they mean is that is a comedy, buddy buddy cop show.

Now its on to what we have all been waiting for Gundam. First up the Giant Unicorn Gundam in Odiba is shown. Its huge and it lights up at night! There is also a huge Gundam Base store in Tokyo that sells gunpla and other stuff right next to the statue. There is of course also a booth at Anime Expo, where you can buy Gunpla, build Gunpla and check out the new Gundam build game on PlayStaion. Right stuff’s booth is also selling lots of classic Gundam and new Gundam shows like 00, Age, and of course Unicorn.

This year its the 10th anniversary of Gundam 00, and so Sunrise will be releasing a special edition with all of the TV series, and the Movies together for the first time, You can get that September 4th. Its in a Massive package, comes with keychains, stickers and posters, all sorts of things.

Next up is a long announcement video for a show I don’t recognize, but its post apolyptic, and has a fundamental  Gundam feel to it. Its talking about child soldiers, and was, and its Iron Blood Orphans, and this is the announcement of the DVD coming to video in September, and it will have a gunpla edition.

Next up is of course Gundam Build Divers, whose second season is just wrapping up. I actually like Build Divers, its not terrible, but its not for everyone. This sizzle reel is an introduction to the characters for those who haven’t seen the show before I guess. The show is currently streaming at 3am PDT on Crunchyroll on Tuesdays and they also tell us a brand new prolog movie is available now on

Next up is Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin: Rise of the Red Comet, this is something people have been waiting for a while. Its coming to Hulu, and Episodes 1-4 are also available on This is a show I have somehow missed, so ill need to check it out, its tell the story of the rise of Char, which is a really cool story thats only been in  manga format before this. Its an OVA series, so its absolutely beautiful, and I can’t wait to watch it when I get home. This will also the according to the producers the end of Mobile Suit Gundam the Origin’s OVA. Hopefully that means we now get something else in its place!

Finally we arrive at new Gundam News, there is a new series in production, its called Gundam Narritive or Gundam NT, and its a Universal Century story.  A new UC series, set in 0097 after the Unicorn Gundam OVA’s, this series is Mobile Suit Gundam Narritive NT.  The show is coming to Japan this Fall, to Japanese theaters.

Its a story that takes place 1 year after Gundam Unicorn, and has to do with Phoenix, and it looks amazing. Sunrise also announced that they are in development of a project called UC next, which is going to take place in UC0097 to UC 0122 its designed to fill in the unfinished unknown part of the UC era. Its a full anime, not an OVA so I am sure that will have a lot of people very excited. Its going to have a ton of new MS, new ships, and new cool stuff.  There is a very cool timeline on screen I can’t how it to you, but Its got plans for new series, that are in the pipeline. The remainder of the panel was dedicated to a giveaway and hi-lights of the gunpla that they are releasing.

Overall Sunrise seems to have a ton of new stuff in the pipeline, from classics like Cow Boy Bebop to new Universal Century Gundam shows, Sunrise is doing it all, and I for one can’t wait to see some of the results.