Do you like the idea of a rougelike where you fly around and shoot stuff? Well Mother Gun Ship is exactly that. It’s a game I first saw at PAX west almost two years ago, in front of the indie mega booth I was trasnfixed. The bright colors, the fast shooting action and literal gun building ensured that this was one game I couldnt miss. Now its finally time to play that game. Get yours at the Humble Store: or on  Steam:

Partly financed by Humble Bundle, the game is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. MOTHERGUNSHIP also has a physical release set to hit PS4 and Xbox One in partnership with Sold Out later this August.

In MOTHERGUNSHIP, your objective is simple: Destroy the Mothergunship. Earth has been ravaged by data-hoarding aliens, and it’s up to you to destroy every single one of them. As the spiritual successor to Tower of GunsMOTHERGUNSHIP blends bullet hell and FPS gameplay together with extremely versatile crafting. It also features an Endless Mode with leaderboards, letting players test their greatest gun crafting creations.

With almost unlimited crafting options, the Gun Crafting Demo released in May of this year has already seen some amazing creativity. The teams can’t wait to watch the community build on this further, as updates post-launch will add more gun parts, new levels, new enemies, and co-op gameplay on consoles.