The cross over between tabletop and video games RPG’s in undeniable. I would say its not unfair to attribute the success of  Digital RPG’s to their pen and paper comrades. After all, it was the pen and paper crowd who established rule sets, scenarios, and worlds, before the first computer games ever booted up. These rich worlds were easy to port to even early video games, and some of the most popular early games were text based RPG’s. This rich history left a long impact on the friendship between the two, and sometimes that can result is something amazing. Stoic and Hyper RPG are the latest to feel that connection, and the result will be anew tabletop RPG.

The weekly campaigns will be led by a human dungeon master (DM) and will amplify the already rich character and story threads that the Banner Saga video game series  is famed for, complete with tough situations and choices to make. The Banner Saga tabletop campaign will be running for 4 weeks every Tuesday from July 24-August 14th. 7pm-9:30pm PST on

Viewers of the show will not only delight in how this RPG plays out, but they will also be given an exclusive HyperRPG Heraldry title which they will be able to use in-game.

With the launch of third and final game in the series, Banner Saga 3 on July 26th, gamers will be able to play the complete saga from beginning to end on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on July 26th.

Hyper RPG The Cast

The campaign will feature the cast of  Andre Meadows from Black Nerd Comedy, Trisha Hershberger from Geek & Sundry, Dave “Lasercorn” Moss Host of ToasterGhost , Steve Zaragoza from The ValleyFolk, Youtuber, Shelby Grace and Adam Koebel Co-Author of the Award Winning Tabletop RPG, Dungeon World who will serve as the Dungeon Master!

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